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Hey Canada - Is it true

By JimHM ·
Someone just told me that on the back of the Canadian two dollar bill - On a Canadian two dollar bill, the flag flying over the Parliament building?

Is someone doggen me - or is that true...

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Not that I'm Canadian

by Cactus Pete In reply to Hey Canada - Is it true

There are no longer any bank notes of $2. It was replaced by coin. What flag do you think was there??

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I'm not "Canada" either (thank God) but. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Hey Canada - Is it true

...I'll answer anyway. is one of the best Internet sites around, at least in my opinion. The site was established to either confirm, deny, explain the origin of, etc. the myriad of "stories" that get passed around, especially on the Internet. The American flag on the Canadian $2 bill is one such "story".

Snopes says, nope, it ain't true.


or tiny:

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It was on the five I think

by Oz_Media In reply to I'm not "Canada" either ( ...

I remember that about ten years ago there was a massive controversy surrounding the canadian Five, it had an American flag flying on the back, almost so small it was unrecognizable unless under magnifying glass but nevertheless it was supposedly there also.

When we switched to coins for smaller bills, it began with a One dollar coin, nicknamed the Loonie because of the Loon etched into one side. They then came up with the $2 coin, a silver ring with a gold colored insert (pops out if you freeze them and drop them on the ground, good ole bimetal thermal property that was overlooked). The teo dollar coin has a picture of a polar bear on one side but is nicknamed the toonie (Two-nie) because if we have a coin with a loon called a Loonie, then of course the polar bear would indicate a toonie. Or else we need to call the Loonie a Oneie and then the Twonie fits.
Whatever, that Canada. The coins look cool though and when you dump your pocketful of change on the nightstand after a payday at the bar you're looking at $30 in change!

One mistake I used to make when they first started the dollar coins was when paying for a drink, the old "keep the change" had to be rethought. You give a waitress $10.00 for a $3.50 cocktail. She starts digging in her change tray and you just say "keep the change" . You just tipped her $6.50 ! It's OK to offer a fat tip every now and then(especially with the topless waitresses, that take to the stage and strip between serving pints.) but when your doing it all night it gets pricey $$.

Ah...who cares though, all in all it's only money, not life.

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And who keeps snopes honest?

by TomSal In reply to I'm not "Canada" either ( ...

Just being the devil's advocate, because sincerely I don't give a rats arse what Canadian currency has printed on it or not.

But being the cynical person that I am....everyone says "goto snopes to find the truth"....hmmm...and how do we know snopes isn't lying? lol.

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Snopes has a

by maxwell edison In reply to And who keeps snopes hone ...


I sited one of your stories to a person who subsequently asked me, "how do we know snopes isn't lying"?

How should I answer that question? (And how do we know that THAT answer is true?)


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Snopes has a contact link - I wrote them the following:

by maxwell edison In reply to And who keeps snopes hone ...


I sited one of your stories to a person who subsequently asked me, "how do we know snopes isn't lying?"

How should I answer that question? (And how do we know that THAT answer is true?)



I'll let you know what they say.

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Snopes did indeed reply - provided an answer

by maxwell edison In reply to And who keeps snopes hone ...

Their email said:

Because you can check the sources listed in the bibliographies at the bottom of each page for yourself.

Urban Legends Reference Pages -->

There ya' go.

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A new word?

by Oz_Media In reply to Snopes did indeed reply - ...

Now THAT was worth posting Max, good site.

I was going to correct you on a spelling mistake nut I think it is a US spelling difference I've never seen before.

I looked in MSWord and spell check shows "sited" as meaning put in place, or SAW.

Now I originally wondered whether you meant you SAW the story as in (siGhted) but missed the g.

Then I thought of it as you WROTE the story as in Cited.

Now I'm starting to think you used Sited to mean sent to site. Site as used in the on-site form.

Is this a tech term 'site'
a US spelling of 'sited' or 'cited'?

What colour or color is it? Is it an Aeroplane or an Airplane? Mental minds want to know.

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by wtimperley In reply to A new word?

Hey Oz, now that's funny! Don't think many will get the Canadian humour, though!
I heard we gave up the paper twos because we tired of the "phony as a two-dollar bill". Imagine the Ameriphobia about two-dollar bills which forces them to carry around extra 'ones' all the time. Of course, they don't weight as much as the 'toonie' (How do you spell it anyway?)

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Toonie or toonie?!?

by Oz_Media In reply to

Who knows, it's a nickname. I heard the change was due to the high cost of the one and two dollar bills. They aren't worth F-all and rip, tear and require new bills to be put into circulation all the time.

The toonie lasts longer, if we don't pop the middles out to prove thermal properties all the time.

Nobody gets Canadian humor anyway, I am originally from england, nobody understands THAT humor either. Unless it's cheapo slapstick, the masses aren't in two-n.

I hear the fives next, pretty soon the trip from the bank will require a feakin' wheelbarrow.

Instead of wallets we need buckets, like they carry nickles in in Vegas. "Keep the change"- not any more lady, gimme every damn dime and I'll shell out a tip later!

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