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    Hey Canada – Is it true


    by jimhm ·

    Someone just told me that on the back of the Canadian two dollar bill – On a Canadian two dollar bill, the flag flying over the Parliament building?

    Is someone doggen me – or is that true…

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      Not that I’m Canadian

      by cactus pete ·

      In reply to Hey Canada – Is it true

      There are no longer any bank notes of $2. It was replaced by coin. What flag do you think was there??

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      I’m not “Canada” either (thank God) but. . . .

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Hey Canada – Is it true

      …I’ll answer anyway. is one of the best Internet sites around, at least in my opinion. The site was established to either confirm, deny, explain the origin of, etc. the myriad of “stories” that get passed around, especially on the Internet. The American flag on the Canadian $2 bill is one such “story”.

      Snopes says, nope, it ain’t true.


      or tiny:

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        It was on the five I think

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to I’m not “Canada” either (thank God) but. . . .

        I remember that about ten years ago there was a massive controversy surrounding the canadian Five, it had an American flag flying on the back, almost so small it was unrecognizable unless under magnifying glass but nevertheless it was supposedly there also.

        When we switched to coins for smaller bills, it began with a One dollar coin, nicknamed the Loonie because of the Loon etched into one side. They then came up with the $2 coin, a silver ring with a gold colored insert (pops out if you freeze them and drop them on the ground, good ole bimetal thermal property that was overlooked). The teo dollar coin has a picture of a polar bear on one side but is nicknamed the toonie (Two-nie) because if we have a coin with a loon called a Loonie, then of course the polar bear would indicate a toonie. Or else we need to call the Loonie a Oneie and then the Twonie fits.
        Whatever, that Canada. The coins look cool though and when you dump your pocketful of change on the nightstand after a payday at the bar you’re looking at $30 in change!

        One mistake I used to make when they first started the dollar coins was when paying for a drink, the old “keep the change” had to be rethought. You give a waitress $10.00 for a $3.50 cocktail. She starts digging in her change tray and you just say “keep the change” . You just tipped her $6.50 ! It’s OK to offer a fat tip every now and then(especially with the topless waitresses, that take to the stage and strip between serving pints.) but when your doing it all night it gets pricey $$.

        Ah…who cares though, all in all it’s only money, not life.

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        And who keeps snopes honest?

        by tomsal ·

        In reply to I’m not “Canada” either (thank God) but. . . .

        Just being the devil’s advocate, because sincerely I don’t give a rats arse what Canadian currency has printed on it or not.

        But being the cynical person that I am….everyone says “goto snopes to find the truth”….hmmm…and how do we know snopes isn’t lying? 😉 lol.

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          Snopes has a

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to And who keeps snopes honest?


          I sited one of your stories to a person who subsequently asked me, “how do we know snopes isn’t lying”?

          How should I answer that question? (And how do we know that THAT answer is true?)


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          Snopes has a contact link – I wrote them the following:

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to And who keeps snopes honest?


          I sited one of your stories to a person who subsequently asked me, “how do we know snopes isn’t lying?”

          How should I answer that question? (And how do we know that THAT answer is true?)



          I’ll let you know what they say.

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          Snopes did indeed reply – provided an answer

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to And who keeps snopes honest?

          Their email said:

          Because you can check the sources listed in the bibliographies at the bottom of each page for yourself.

          Urban Legends Reference Pages –>

          There ya’ go.

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          A new word?

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Snopes did indeed reply – provided an answer

          Now THAT was worth posting Max, good site.

          I was going to correct you on a spelling mistake nut I think it is a US spelling difference I’ve never seen before.

          I looked in MSWord and spell check shows “sited” as meaning put in place, or SAW.

          Now I originally wondered whether you meant you SAW the story as in (siGhted) but missed the g.

          Then I thought of it as you WROTE the story as in Cited.

          Now I’m starting to think you used Sited to mean sent to site. Site as used in the on-site form.

          Is this a tech term ‘site’
          a US spelling of ‘sited’ or ‘cited’?

          What colour or color is it? Is it an Aeroplane or an Airplane? Mental minds want to know.

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          Reply To: Hey Canada – Is it true

          by wtimperley ·

          In reply to A new word?

          Hey Oz, now that’s funny! Don’t think many will get the Canadian humour, though!
          I heard we gave up the paper twos because we tired of the “phony as a two-dollar bill”. Imagine the Ameriphobia about two-dollar bills which forces them to carry around extra ‘ones’ all the time. Of course, they don’t weight as much as the ‘toonie’ (How do you spell it anyway?)

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          Toonie or toonie?!?

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Reply To: Hey Canada – Is it true

          Who knows, it’s a nickname. I heard the change was due to the high cost of the one and two dollar bills. They aren’t worth F-all and rip, tear and require new bills to be put into circulation all the time.

          The toonie lasts longer, if we don’t pop the middles out to prove thermal properties all the time.

          Nobody gets Canadian humor anyway, I am originally from england, nobody understands THAT humor either. Unless it’s cheapo slapstick, the masses aren’t in two-n.

          I hear the fives next, pretty soon the trip from the bank will require a feakin’ wheelbarrow.

          Instead of wallets we need buckets, like they carry nickles in in Vegas. “Keep the change”- not any more lady, gimme every damn dime and I’ll shell out a tip later!

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          by john_wills ·

          In reply to Toonie or toonie?!?

          The coin is named after the bird depicted on it. How the bird’s name is spelled should determine how the coin’s nickname is spelled.

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          You’re missing the main point here John.

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Toonie or toonie?!?

          This is Canada, eh? Noo doot a-boot it!

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          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Reply To: Hey Canada – Is it true

          Isn’t it “phony as a three dollar bill?”
          I always thought everyone used $2 bills. I don’t remember the US having one though, hmmmm, mind you I find the USA like a real game of survivor, “where the hell am I?, who are all these wierdos?” … “BALA BALA BALIOOO” … “nope they don’t understand me!, hey, that ones got a gun!, he’s shooting his friends though?!?, what the hell?????”

          And then you wake up to “Welcome to Canider, yous guys gots anything to declare, eh?”

          “noo doot a boot it, we bought cheap, piss beer and it sucks, eh!”

          “Fer sher, how many did yous guys drink?”

          “Oonly boot tree hundred or so eh?, I think I feel a bit of a buzz though yaknow.”

          “Right on eh, on ya go then.”

          Yes I lived in Nova Scotia for a bit ya noo.

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          Yep fake three’s

          by deadly ernest ·

          In reply to P.S.

          The expression re fakes referred to three dollar bills. It comes from (according to some urban legends) a ‘brilliant’ advertising campaign by a politician who printed up some three dollar notes with his own picture on them where the President is, and handed them out at rallies and you could buy drinks and ice creams with them at the rally or just ask for one as a freebie. Some people were so smart that they thought he was handing out real money and tried to spend it elsewhere.

          We have had coins for one and two dollars notes for many years here in Australia the reason being that they are so heavily used and the coins have about 50 times the life/usage span of a note. Talk of general use five dollar coins soon.

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          two dollar bill

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to P.S.

          We certainly do have a two dollar bill. You’ll find most of them being used at the horse track betting windows.

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          nine rather than three

          by john_wills ·

          In reply to P.S.

          The expression I know is “queer as a nine-bob note” or, in the U.S., “queer as a nine-dollar/buck bill”. The expression developed when the lowest-denomination note in Yookeigh was ten shillings/bob. Both expressions are used generally for uncanny things, and also for certification of a gay.
          3 and its multiples are unusual currency units, but Italy did for a while have circulating cheques for ?150, and the USSR had 3-rubel note.

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          $2 at the track???

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to P.S.

          What kind of low life bottom feeder punters are at that track !! Do they allow them to bring pop bottle too??

          I know the minimum bet is $2 but I’ve only seen really green handicappers bet $2. Es[pecially with the crappy North American purses. Now I can see a $2 bet working on a Hong Kong track or at Bau in Australia but here it just doesn’t pay.

          Speaking of which, FRIDAY NIGHT AT FRASER DOWNS !!! WOOHOO!

          With Hastings park closed for the season, all the simulcast punters double the Fraser payouts and most are only used to thoroughbred handicapping and have no idea about standard bred racing, ka-ching!

        • #2673359

          sure, at the track…

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to P.S.

          Remember, we are talking the good ol’ Midwest here. Wether it be the dog track or the horse track there is never a shortage of people willing to place 2$ bets. After the track, they stop at the convenience store to get some scratch off tickets and then it’s on to bingo. Actually, this describes my own personal retirement plan.

        • #2673355


          by oz_media ·

          In reply to P.S.

          Sorry about that, it’s just that I get so pissed at weekend warriors at the track.
          The ever popluar “I play the ponies…I think the one with the blue number is pretty”.
          I find it messes with the odds too much, but I take my racing quite seriously. A good friend of mine is the General manager of Fraser Downs (since his father passed and left him the track)and he has saved my the $1500.00/yr I used to pay for my reserved table each season. To me it’s a way to have a few beers with friends but more importantly, a way to supplement income. I win more than I lose but get really bummed at the $2 punters who keep the pools low.

          Perhaps I just take it more seriously than some, I definitely wasn’t out to offend you and apologize if I have.
          OM 🙂

        • #2671602

          just kidding

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to P.S.

          I was really kidding about my ‘retirement plan’.. I don’t know a whole lot about race tracks except I used to spend time there with my dad when I was a kid. No offense. (It would take a whole hell of a lot more than that to offend me.)

        • #2670799

          I’ll give you the last laugh

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to P.S.

          I lost my shirt at the track on Frday.

          I was $300+ up by the third race, a few beers (many beers) later and I was $40.00 in the hole.

          I left only $15 up but that’s after paying for drinks, food and tips for the fantastic staff so not all is lost.

          I ended up having an awesome Friday night out and actually came out ahead by a few bucks. But lost a lot of my winnings to do so. Oh well, I still can’t wait for Friday night at the races again. 🙂

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          sounds like a good night…

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to P.S.

          I can’t get into gambling because I make myself sick over throwing money out the window. (I think I’m getting old and turning into my mother). However, I will go to the local spa and spend a fortune on facials and body wraps and massages and not think twice about it, which drives my husband crazy because he says he will massage me for free and I have an entire bathroom cabinet filled with with my own personal ‘spa’ stuff. I guess I think it doesn’t work unless I’m paying someone to do it for me.

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      Sorry – they told me it was the American Flag

      by jimhm ·

      In reply to Hey Canada – Is it true

      They said it was an American flag – I figured they were pulling my cho-cho toy..

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