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hey gg!!

By Jaqui ·
before I go get that picture taken, is that danged "Men of TR" calendar actually going to be made?

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On behalf of GG !!

by stargazerr In reply to hey gg!!

OF COURSE !!! You didnt think you could get away that easily.

Men !!


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okay then,

by Jaqui In reply to On behalf of GG !!

who is supposed to get the picture?

and whose pictures are needed?
and by what date?

you "girls" let it die off, so you have to take the blame if you don't get the needed photos.

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Do you really think...

by DMambo In reply to On behalf of GG !!

...that anyone would pay for a picture of me in my burka? I'll be Mr. May (or may not!).

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Burka wasn't what we had in mind...

by Tig2 In reply to Do you really think...

Okay- I will pick this up. Photos can be peer mailed to me. I will layout the calendar and come back to the membership to determine best approach to distribution.

As we will NEVER get photos of you guys in the intended poses- except for Jaqui- I will work with what I get. Photoshop is around here somewhere...

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The more I look around

by jdclyde In reply to Burka wasn't what we had ...

and see the acutal size of shamrocks, the more I feel hurt and unloved.....

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you know what they

by maecuff In reply to The more I look around

say about size and how it doesn't matter??

Well..that's a big fat lie!! :)

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but then again, Mae,

by gadgetgirl In reply to you know what they

I'd rather be tickled than choked!



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You make

by maecuff In reply to but then again, Mae,

a valid point. I guess there just has to be a happy medium..

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mae ]:)

by Jaqui In reply to but then again, Mae,

according to the study done by doctors in New York City, after measuring 1000 erect ones, they came up with an average size of 4.72 inches.

this says one of two things:

new york men are not very well endowed,


most men are average in size. ]:)

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by maecuff In reply to but then again, Mae,

4.72? And that's the

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