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Hey have any of you guys, and girls, noticed the TR

By Deadly Ernest ·
humour on the discussion lists. try reading some consecutive discussion titles as if they are one sentence. I love the New Discussion and Hot Discussion list, they get some beauties.

OK 11.32 pm Aust East Standard Time, Friday night 11 Aug 2006, from the hot discussion list

'Dealing with past felony' 'God, I love you Brits' - are we going to discussion the War of Independence?

'Why all the negativity about management in this forum', 'I'll have an office on a stick please.' - I think that says it all.

'Do you accept gratuities for' 'safely remove windows XP service pack 2 uninstall files' - now that is a must.

'Safely remove windows XP service pack 2 uninstall files' 'total class acts' - yep that qualifies.

'Windows defence handcuffs good guys' 'microsoft patches a pair of flaws' - that's about right

'Google says it won't pull an AOL' 'Intel aims for open-source graphics advantage' - now thats Google causing a direct action by Intel.

My favourite

'Microsoft patches a pair of flaws' 'windows rootkit 101' - now we know the truth about their patching system

From the confirmation list

'How to hire' 'how much should this job pay' - logical pair

'How much should this job pay' 'the 5 most dangerous IT management trends in 2006' - pay the scum nothing mate.

Or from within the felony thread

'Do you accept gratutities for' 'total class acts' - you bet I do.

And from those in My Contacts

'total class acts' 'Friday day off yuk' - what can you say to that.

edited for typo - reached my edit max limit, any more stay.

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by Old Guy In reply to Hey have any of you guys, ...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that. That makes me feel better--I think, hmmm. :)

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ah, should I admit....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Ernest,

yup, I do that too.

It can also be funny to run down the threads from the title through all the subject lines...makes for some hilarious one liners!

And also the typos - zlito's post (not picking on him, just the latest example is all!)

"Do you accept gratutites for..."

I am soooooooooo tempted to put up a post with the title

"if I knew what a grat-u-tite was, I'd probably think about it at the very least....."

Ok, I know. Nuff.

Fridayitis, blame it on the Fridayitis.....


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Then I'm definitely in

by Old Guy In reply to ah, should I admit....

good company with the two of you guys. There have been uncountless times that I have actually bit my tongue to keep from posting to titles like that. Some of the spelling mistakes are absolutely hilarious but I try to be a good boy and not point them out. But, what a hoot. :^0

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I wonder...

by gadgetgirl In reply to Then I'm definitely in

if it's just us?

Is it an age thing?

Of a sense of humour thing?

- or are we just a lost cause?!


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All the above!

by Old Guy In reply to I wonder...

But, hey, good company!

Edited to add: Also Great minds think alike. Right?

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I think it more a case of people looking outside the box

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I wonder...

and seeing different connections. Did you see my response to TT's comment in the Felony thread - she posted about a punk cop, so the first thing I pictured was a big burly policman with purple hair in spikes and rings in lips, nose and ears - now thats a **** of a funny sight.

Getting humour in these situation is clearly due to seeing it from a different point of view.

I used to be a civilian working on an Air Force Base, one day we heard about a particular aircraft crashing, one officer's comment was "Well that should reduce my maintenance expenditure a bit." He was right, that particular aircraft needed a lot of maintenance to keep it going.

Just posted a reply to another thread and the confirmation page gave me

'HELP, I want a mentor' 'the new and highly expected IT person'

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yes, yes, no, yes

by jdclyde In reply to I wonder...
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Hey GG, since I haven't been found, maybe I'm

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I wonder...

a lost cause - better send out the search teams.

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You guys are something :-)

by onbliss In reply to Hey have any of you guys, ...

One more from the "New Discussion" as of 1:44 CST.

"Why is TR still having Site Problem errors and other problems?", "Track-It! Monitor throwing tons of errors"

So actually if was the "monitor" that was causing all the TR problems :-)

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Good Observation

by Old Guy In reply to You guys are something :- ...

TR should hire you on the spot. :^0

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