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hey Smorty...bug in the site...

By Jaqui ·
That is TR Insiders specific.

The entire TRI Duscussion group dissapears every time I go away from TR for more than 5 minutes.

It re-appears when I find a post from one of my contacts that is in it.

every single time.

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Got the instructions....

by gadgetgirl In reply to hey Smorty...bug in the s ...

via email from Smorty on Friday for the workaround....

will forward on to you a.s.a.p.


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Workaround instructions from Smorty

by gadgetgirl In reply to hey Smorty...bug in the s ...

I came across the TRI problem on Thursday, and had an email from Smorty for the workaround, and the explanation for the initial problems.

I was going to forward it, but seeing as how we're all in the same boat, I hope Smorty doesn't mind, but I'll just copy and paste it here so he doesn't have to keep repeating himself...

Here's what I got.....

We used to use cookies to check to see
if you were authorized to see the "Insiders" link on the discussion

We now use a web service. Turns out that the web service "forgets"
whether or not you are authenticated. This means that during its
forgetful times you don't see the link to "Insiders."

We had the same problem with "Edit Post" disappearing, but our engineers
quickly found a fix. This "Insiders" one is a different problem and the
fix is not as simple.

The only real workaround (and it is a terrible workaround) is to go to a
page that requires you to be a logged in member (like "Start a thread").
Then go to the discussions main page and hit "refresh" on your browser.
The "Insiders" link should then show up.

If you are trying to access an Insider's thread directly (and you get
that "restricted page" error), click the "start a thread" link near the
top of that page. Then click "Back" on your browser and then refresh the
page. This will allow you to view that post.

Like I said, those are terrible workarounds, but it works.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

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Thanks GG

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Workaround instructions f ...

That will help no end.

Sounds as if some programmer is hitting the ICE a bit hard recently to allow something as nasty as this to crop in. I've just caught the end of a Doco where 3 of the 4 Meth Amphetamines addicts where all previously IT workers. :)

OH by the way My Email Isn't working today will you fix it now? :^0

If only life where so simple. ;\

Last weekend I had set up to install a new server and the person who arranged everything walked out at the last moment of course they forgot to tell me exactly what was happening. So I'm hitting him hard where it hurts I'm not only going to charge him Waiting Time but I'm also going to repossess his boat and charge him hauling costs.

At least he might think twice next time.

Then the other simple little job was to fit some more RAM [only 12 GIG] to a Intel Server Board but of course the suppliers sent out the wrong RAM. Life would be so much easier if all ECC RDRAM had the same slots cut in it. :_| And to top it all of they want to charge me a restocking fee to return the incorrectly supplied RAM. X-(

Col ]:)

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Happens all the time

by stargazerr In reply to Thanks GG

Our suppliers sent some printer toner to the wrong address and decided they want to charge me a fee because they have to do extra work delivering to the right address ....

That I can deal with ... but, when the same company does this twice .... I **** my top ... X-(


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earn some fritter money...

by gadgetgirl In reply to Happens all the time

reprint your orders with a Maladministration Charge which is applicable to every collection/delivery/mismanaged item. Charge ?10 each time for each item....

There you go, loads of money to fritter away on things for yourself

(yeah, ok, ST vids and discs aren't included, I was thinking more of saving for a trip to Vegas so you could visit the ST Experience.....!)

Ok, mad moment over


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Ooh Ooh Ooh

by stargazerr In reply to earn some fritter money.. ...

This should be worth a trip around the world, knowing our suppliers ....

Thanks GG


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starrrr's trip to Vegas

by M_a_r_k In reply to earn some fritter money.. ...

So is starrrrgazerrrr the person who keeps stealing my credit card and using it in Las Vegas? It's happened twice to me in the last five months. Hmmmph...if you need the money that bad, starrr, I'll loan you a few bucks.

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by stargazerr In reply to starrrr's trip to Vegas

shouldnt have mentioned Vegas .... I should have known Mark would catch up ....

sooner or later


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It wasn't me that caught up

by M_a_r_k In reply to Shoot

Why do all of you thieves go to Vegas? I don't care that you stole my credit card. I am willing to forgive and forget. Kinda like the Pied Piper. Or maybe that was Robin Hood. The person who tracked you down was the overbearing guy at the fraud department of my credit card company who is accusing me having a hand in these two incidents. He's a moron! If I wanted to steal money, I'd knock off a bank. I wouldn't mess around with petty cash from a credit card. But the latest thief stupidly used his/her home address and real name. I didn't realize that your real name is Angela Jones and that you live in the same city as me. ?

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by stargazerr In reply to Shoot

Are you the Mark that lives 2 doors away from my house?? Sheesh you could just walk over and ask me for the credit card ...

My Boy Friend would have a Gun ready though ... but otherwise, he is harmless ....


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