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Hey Techrepublic - I think you owe the loyal Members an Explaination!

By JimHM ·
This has been occuring for over a month now - I don't see reports form many of their best writers, but I do see repeated stories that were posted over a year ago. The pages are duplicated in various areas - such as CIO, Manager, and Admin may all be the same content.

So I again ask TechRepublic to respond to it loyal members to explain what is happening - or if any Old Techrepublic writters are in amongst us to post.

What the **** is happening - Did Techrepublic fire all of its authors except the Area heads? Members wonder why - there are more posting of Political topics from members - than articles, because the articles are repeats or don't change for days on end...

So TECHREPUBLIC - Whats UP - You all going down the Tubes - Restructureing - Going Paid ... I think your loyal members deserve an EXPLANATION of What is Happening at the Home OFFICE.

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What's up at TechRepublic--lots of things!

by jmottl In reply to Hey Techrepublic - I thin ...

Dear Jim and other valued TechRepublic members,
We're glad you asked us "what's up." For the past month, we have been working diligently on new initiatives, content projects, and community door revamping, just to name a few things, to make TechRepublic the best site for IT professionals.

Let's tackle your questions one by one:

New articles: We are continuing to publish new articles each day. The frequency has been reduced as the staff is busily working on new projects such as improving and increasing the number of downloads tools, revamping the doors, creating new forms of content such as Quick Tips and Step by Step articles, and creating more interactive job aids.

Promoted content on doors: Our new manner of door creation is to focus on one topic in our feature area (e-mail administration, virus protection, etc.). The newest content is featured in our Today's Highlights area, which showcases four new articles, downloads and job aids. While there may be a 'past' date on the articles, all our highlighted content is relevant, regardless of post date. We believe that many members have missed valuable content due to our previous heavy publishing schedule--at one point we were publishing over 75 new articles WEEKLY across the TR site. That heavy stream of content created a stockpile of content that we truly feel did not get exposure as the rotation cycle was quick--most articles on the front doors were there for just one day. This valuable archive is what we're trying to provide members in a quick and easy way--and we still provide 'new' content links relating to the current week's published articles.

Paid approach: TechRepublic is and will remain a free site. We have always had a paid site--TechProGuild--which for a nominal fee members could easily grab technical materials and insight not available on most other IT resource sites. The one difference you now see is that we are moving TechProGuild articles across the communities--again the goal is to ensure members know the content exists. We also sell books, CDs and charts, which again we are highlighting on the site as many members did not know they existed.

TechRepublic's entire staff are engaged in multiple projects that will take the site to a new level--providing better and more valuable content and services than ever before--clearly not headed down the tubes.

We appreciate your loyalty and dedication, and your post as it illustrates member expectation at TechRepublic--an investment we strive to not only meet the expectations but are working hard to surpass your expectations in the near future.

Judy Mottl and Kimberly Henderson, Member Engagement
Veronica Combs, Content

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Thanks for the reply and look forward to the new format and changes

by JimHM In reply to What's up at TechRepublic ...

Thanks for the explanation - I've been missing all those great articles and download things. I notice today Tim has an article haven't seen anything from him in a long time..

I am looking forward to your new format and stuff..

Thanks again

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