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Hey TR?!?

By Tig2 ·
Just so you are aware-

Most all day today (8/4) the site has been getting hung up on virtually every operation. I have even been able to switch loads in the washer and get back before the next page loads. My office is downstairs, my washroom is up.

Are there new server issues? I did take the step of checking my connection and tried from other computers in the house. My connection (broadband) is running as it should, the other computers routinely access your site.

Should I email you some RAID? It "gets the bugs out"... theoretically.

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Naw, they

by Old Guy In reply to Hey TR?!?

are just having fun with us today. You know they have to get their kick somehow. :)

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Pages load for me

by CrashOverider In reply to Hey TR?!?

I have had the pages load fine for me all day but I have noticed that when I click on the link in my TR e-mails I have to go to the link twice for the proper page to load.

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Hey Crash, shhh,

by Old Guy In reply to Pages load for me

don't tell Tig2 but they're just picking on her again. They had so much fun picking on her awhile back they just wanted to have more fun--but don't let Tig2 know. B-)

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in my emails

by w2ktechman In reply to Pages load for me

at least for answers rated, only half of the address pops up in the links, then I need to paste the other half.
Might be a yahoo thing though, as I have had a few other issues with them recently too.

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I think you're on to something....

by compootergeek In reply to Hey TR?!?

pages are loading slowly for me too, and constantly having to refresh
(although, the network dude that sits next to me has been away from his desk and had mumbled that there was complaints of slowness here....)

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No trouble here

by mjd420nova In reply to Hey TR?!?

Been on and off the site a dozen times today and no trouble for me. I'm just waiting for the cable to dump or something. Maybe your acccess points are having a problem, but is just as fast as ever here in NORCAL.

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No server issues that we are aware of

by JFPSF In reply to Hey TR?!?

Our monitoring hasn't shown any problems with our servers today. Was it only TR you were having problems with?

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Sorry, away from the computer for a bit

by Tig2 In reply to No server issues that we ...

So far, TR is the only site I am seeing this with. Google and my VPN connection have both been fine. I have tested in both IE and Firefox browsers and have had the same result.

Weird. The oddest thing- to me, at least- is that I haven't seen a 404 error. When you were having earlier trouble, a load time of 30 seconds could produce a 404. I have had much longer load times but they have all been successful.

I did contact my service provider and went through their "trouble shooting protocol". In other words, I reset my router.

This is really strange. There is something hung somewhere and I can't see it. Sounds like I may be the only one having the issue though.

Thanks for taking a look. I will let you know if I see any additional strangeness... after my 20 mile walk tomorrow...

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Not only you Tig

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sorry, away from the comp ...

I was running into the same thing a few days ago but it now appears to be sorted.

I would either get a Page Not Found error message but one from the Browser IE, FF, Opera or sometimes up to 5 minutes to load a page and not one of them was in the EL Thread.

Mostly I found that some White Papers just wouldn't load up but the Discussion Site was just slow, but it's better now so maybe it was just a passing glitch.


Edit just after posting this answer I noticed a couple of threads asking is TR Broken and News Letter Links Not Loading. So it's not just you but maybe all that walking is having an adverse affect on your computer. :0

Remember to remove the CAT 5 cable from around your legs before starting out on a long walk as the hardware doesn't like being bounced around and you don't need to Handicap yourself with all that extra weight. Granted it might fall off on the way as the Cable Clips break and allow the hardware to drop off but that's even more expensive unless you have someone following you to pick up the pieces.

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Did you

by OnTheRopes In reply to Hey TR?!?

get your TR site problems ironed out? I saw your post yesterday and thought that maybe I'd start having problems too but it's been smooth sailing here. So far.

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