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Hey, you Aussies...a word of warning!

By Mickster269 ·
I heard on the news tonight that you all may be in the path of a Cyclone that is named "Monica":

Last time "Monica" blew in the USA, it just about brought down our Government.


I am so gonna get banned for this.

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Different reasons to be on our knees though

by ITdesperado In reply to Hey, you Aussies...a word ...

1 - To fill sand bags in case of flash floods
2 - To pray for forgiveness & promise to go to church every week if we survive
3 - To crawl under any shelter around
4 - If it's in front of our government, it's because Johnny dropped his specs

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Well I am as concerned about this Monica's

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Hey, you Aussies...a word ...

**** employment (lol) as I was about the last. Which is about the way a person living in Chicago is about a hurricane in Florida - the distance from the event is about the same - I am concerned about those affeccted but know that I am not one of them.

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