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Hire me NOW!!!

By spuddy_m3 ·
I Demand that I be hired due to the certs I have. Much more than these selfers out there who think they know it all. Who do they think they are anyway - loooooosers thats what!!!!!

We use a DLT, much better than a DAT- Idiots
Squares all of them!

Get some certs you!

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Sniff, Sniff.... I smell something foul...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Hire me NOW!!!

You are stating that just because you have certs, you are better than ME? I have been working with computers for over 16 years, starting with a TI computer and Apple IIe's. I have attended training sessions, self study courses, comunity colleges, etc. Just becuase I DON'T have a degree does NOT make me a looooooser as you stated, because I HAVE taken the courses and am still working on others not related to computers that are required for the degree. In my book experience trumps certs, book knowledge and actual experience are two very different things.

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by Shellbot In reply to Sniff, Sniff.... I smell ...

spud's back from school holidays guys...

was disneyland nice?

5400..he starts this fight over and over again..ignore him

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by maecuff In reply to ignore

I dunno, maybe he has a point this time? Maybe, if when he goes on a job interview, and DEMANDS that they hire him (because he DOES seem to be a people person), that they'll appreciate his forcefulness and offer him a job on the spot. I'd bet if he took a big stick and threatened to beat them with it, that would help, too.

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once again

by Shellbot In reply to Shell

your wisdom shines brightly Mae :)

I think your right, and how could ne not be an asset to an employer..I'm sure all his moaning and whining will make his team mates love him to bits..

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Forceful is good

by jdclyde In reply to Shell

He should go directly to Gates himself and inform Bill that he MUST hire him or he will cry all over Bills $1000 shoes and ruin them.

Let him cry like a (ready for it?) whinny a$$ t1tty baby! :^0

(well worth the nickel!) B-)

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I thought...

by cmiller5400 In reply to ignore

that the name sounded familiar... You are right of course, people like him give IT people a bad name.

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You have that wrong CM

by jdclyde In reply to I thought...

This twit is NOT an IT person. You have to be hirable and WORK in the field to be an IT person.

He is just a twit that spent his time taking tests instead of making a living and is bummed out to find that the advisor that put him on that path lied to him just to get his money.

I have also noticed that twit boy has never stated WHAT certs he has. They MIGHT qualify him for help desk as a student employee somewhere. But as it isn't even a formal college degree, he doesn't even have that going for him.

Might as well take those certs and wipe his a$$ with them for all the good they will do him!

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JD, if he has any certs

by Old Guy In reply to You have that wrong CM

then I am King of Siam. (and I don't even like cats--no offense to you and Shell, of course)

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or course?

by jdclyde In reply to JD, if he has any certs
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Good catch!

by Old Guy In reply to or course?

Yes, I changed it after you caught me. :)

To any who are interested: JD caught a spelling error by me using or instead of "of". Touche mon ami.

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