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history / discussions bug

By Jaqui ·
Why, oh why, is looking at a discussion now included in the "My Dicussions I have posted" in listing?

If I read a discussion and don't post to it, then It's not something I am interested in following.

It's also happening with the site history listing since the rollout a couple of weeks ago.
but the site history it kind of makes sense.. but it still seems like a waste of cpu cycles to log every page people are looking at to put into their history.

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They need to separate "features"

by jdclyde In reply to history / discussions bug

This is intended for the masses that read but don't post.

While I will ALLOW them to leave this functionality, it should be separated from the posted to discussions for those of us that DO partisipate.

Until then, I remain subscribed to about 250 discussions and have to completely ignore the "posted to" .......

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It's a case of...

by Jaqui In reply to They need to separate "fe ...

"creeping featurism"

the adding feature just to be able to say it's there.
[ kind of like mod_kitchensink for apache* ]

Something most developers become prone to during long term projects.

* yes, Apache does have a kitchen sink module, just to be able to say it has one.

danged typo, I need sleep

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Big Brother, I'm sure...

by dawgit In reply to history / discussions bug

just in case..... They HAVE to track our every blink, just in case big brother comes a knocking. Sad but.... just ask Google. The times, they are a changing. (and being a techie equates to hacker which equates to bad- NOT.!.)

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