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Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

By tbragsda ·
Adams would have been proud.

Thought from those that have seen the move, and read the books.


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BBC version was better

by TheChas In reply to Hitchhikers Guide to the ...

Just got back from seeing the new Hitchhikers movie.

The theater was nearly empty.

While it was not a "bad" movie, I much prefer the 7 part BBC TV production.

I liked Zaphod's head popping up beside his primary head and the 2 of them arguing as compared to the Jeckle and Hyde aspect of the flip up head in the new movie.

All in all, it was worth seeing the new movie.

The big question is will this movie be successful enough so that the remaining books follow as sequels?


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I like them all, but...

by tbragsda In reply to BBC version was better

In every attempt to make a two-headed Zaphod, they have come off cheezy. This one was not a good idea either.

Theater I went to... About 1/2-3/4 full. Too bad. I expected a very full house too.

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The head beside head was better than the new head over head...

by admin In reply to BBC version was better

The head beside head was better than the new head over head, but other than that the new one was wonderful.

Very well done the movie was, I must say. I was skeptical that I would actually like it as much as I did, but: Bravo!

Although I appreciate the Dr Who like qualities of the BBC production and own a copy fondly, the new movie made it look more like the on stage version while the new one was definately better as a movie.

It's all subjective, but I think the movie is a great addition to the legacy of the late Adams. :)

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by maecuff In reply to Hitchhikers Guide to the ...

We just got back and I did not like it. I thought it was boring and they changed a LOT. What's up with Trillian and Arthur being a couple at the end? And what was up with rescuing Trillian from the Vogons? Zaphod getting his second head held hostage? Lemon juice to make him focus? And the fly swatter things that kept whacking them on vogon, well, my sense of humor can be juvenile and I DID laugh at it, but still, it didn't belong. Unless the book I read was missing some chapters, those things didn't belong.. I did like Alan Rickman as Marvin, though.

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No need for it to follow the book exactley.

by tbragsda In reply to REally?

Never have I seen a book made into a movie that exactley follows the book, and I don't expect it.

I thought it was reasonably well presented, good acting, good effects, funney and worthy of name. Additionaly, with a PG rating, violence free, this could turn some younger viewers onto the books.

The one thing you liked, I didnt. Marvin was a bit of a let down. Too small, too cute.


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I understand

by maecuff In reply to No need for it to follow ...

But it changed it SO much. The whole point of view gun and the vogons at arthurs house and the vice president and zaphod.. it wasn't just a little different. You may be right about the younger audiences, my son and I have been reading the series (he's 7) and he enjoyed the movie.

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I expected to not enjoy it thoroughly...

by admin In reply to I understand

I expected to not enjoy it thoroughly, but must admit I did. It did not follow the book entirely, but it was pretty good. I will own it someday.

A slightly Pythonesque hint to some of it, which is a bit juvenile, but funny and fitting with the dry British bits I thought.

Zaphod's head was not very good, and Marvin was a little difficult as you pointed out due to the fact he LOOKED like he should be a happy rave robot or something. I kept thinking of Grr from Invader Zim when I saw him which is too bad as the acting and voice were good although the costume failed miserably.

Still, overall I did think it was worthwhile, and last night at the late showing it was showing at 2 theatres in the same complex simultaneously here and the one I was in only had maybe a half dozen seats open here and there.

It was a little like seeing the Holy Grail for the umpteenth time though, in that even though it was a new movie, the audience (including myself) was laughing frequently at what was GOING to be done or said. ~LoL~ I wondered how the people (if there were any) who had not read the books felt about this.

Anyway, lotsa fun, lotsa laughter, lotsa geeks out for the event... it was a good time here. :)

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Retief or the Rat

by Dr Dij In reply to No need for it to follow ...

They should do Retief series (Keith Laumer),
as he is both funny (prefers cigars over marihooch as it keeps meetings shorter) and behind the scenes james bondish super hero, saves the bumbling galactic bureacracy from itself and the sneaky five-eyestalked Groaci, who at times are kind of allegorical for the Russians during Cold War.

And some of the Stainless Steel Rat series were both funny and jam packed with hardcore story lines.

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First I read the book, then there was a series of it in 1/2 hr segments....

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Hitchhikers Guide to the ...

on radio that the CBC brought in from the BBC, that was absolutely hilarious. It captured the essence of Adams and the book perfectly. It's amazing what can be achieved with only your imagination and a few sound effects. That ran every Saturday morning, I think for over a year and I wish I'd thought of taping them at the time. Then the BBC had their TV series and while it was good, it just wasn't quite as good as the radio series. Now the movie is out. Verdict: Good but not great. The theatre was only 1/3 full at a nine o'clock showing on a Saturday night and based on that I have the feeling it's going to have a hard time recovering its costs and so I expect they're going to put a big push on the DVD. Further more, I can't say I noticed much in the way of TV promotion until this past week.

Walking out of the theatre afterwards I got the impression that a lot of the under 25s didn't pick up on everything, to the point they were laughing in the wrong places at times. Don't kids read anymore??? The girls were mainly the ones who didn't quite get it but a lot of guys were missing it too.

I must admit it was better than I expected but not as good as it could have been. Too bad it wasn't shot in England with an all British cast. The Hollywoodness of it shows through at times. I did enjoy myself but as I said; a good movie, just not a great movie. I hope the sequels don't fall beneath this level but if past Hollywood products are anything of a yardstick, they will. Too bad really because it didn't/doesn't have to be this way.


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I have to ask..

by maecuff In reply to First I read the book, th ...

When I go see a movie, I can't stand to listen to anyone else talk, move about etc, and focus on the screen. How in the world were you able to watch the movie and break down, by gender, who got it and who didn't?

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