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Holidays :)

By Shellbot ·
OMG have i been busy. My boss left, so I'm back to doing the job of 3 people, just what i always wanted. *grumble moan ***** grumble*

However, I am on holidays as of June 19th, so won't be around for a bit. Two weeks in Spain! Sun, sand and sangria. I'll be running out of the office in a couple hours giving them two fingers as i go.
Dumb idiots are planning on taking down all the serves for 3 days while i am gone. They said "what can go wrong"? HAHAHAHAHA..iodiots are going to make a balls of it, i just know and the gonna have to pay someone to come in and pick up the peices..ROFLMFAO

My birthday is on the 23rd..*where do the years go?* so JD, i'll expect a birthday kiss before i go.

When i get back I'm starting my MCAD and looking for a new job..*double yay*

My phone was declared dead on Wednesday for those who were following the saga..I'm in bits over it..poor was a good phone..a lovely phone..i loved my phone..

Anywhos..just thought i'd do a bit of self promotion re: hols, birthday etc...


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So your birthday in on June 23

by jardinier In reply to Holidays :)

which makes you a Cancer. Are you also a crab? :)

Apart from wishing you an enjoyable holiday and a great new job, I will take this opportunity to astonish everybody by revealing the WHOLE, TERRIBLE TRUTH of my disinterest in holidays in general. There is a simple, logical reason why I don't need holidays as I will explain.

I retired from full-time work in 1973. Since that time I have worked part-time as a gardener. The fact that my work gives me pleasure and satifaction, as well as adequate exercise and exposure to sunlight, goes a long way towards explaining why I don't need holidays. Working an average of 16 hours per week or less, I have in effect been on a continual holiday for the past 33 years.

My only going away holiday in all this time was to spend four days on a friend's farm -- and I didn't even get to ride a horse.

Ever since my motor trip half-way around Australia with my fiancee in 1964, my only real holiday aspiration has been to travel slowly around Australia in a campervan. Why have I not done this yet? Because it has to be shared with the perfect partner -- and I am still searching and waiting in hope.

The trip could easily be financed by writing human interest stories, together with photographs, which could be published in any number of newspapers.

That is my only current dream. However I have a standing invitation to stay at any time in China with my Buddhist nun friend Xing Yuan and her mother, with free board.

I am also welcome at any time to stay in the Philippines with another female friend, Yolly.

Here is Xing seated on the floor of my apartment. We met in Sydney more than four years ago and there was an instant, mutual attraction. She is the one girl in the whole world whom I know will always love and respect me. She belongs to a non-celibate order.

And here is my lovely Yolly, in her exercise gear. Explicit photos are on their way as requested. ]:)

Both of these lovely ladies are aged about 40 years.

Sorry to crash your party Shelley but I just kind of got carried away.

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crash away :)

by Shellbot In reply to So your birthday in on Ju ...

i can tell these ladies get you all worked up :)
They are lovely.
Yes, Cancer..I don't think i am too crabby though :) Well..maybe my kid might disagree.

Wow, yes J, with a job like that, who needs holidays? Unfortuneatly I have to take a few weeks a year to unwind, normally i don't go till August, but got 2 weeks for the price of one if we went couldn't pass that up :)

Nice dream: slow trip in campervan. good one. i hope one day you get to do it!!

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Birthday comming up :)

by rob mekel In reply to Holidays :)

Well first have a great holiday with lots of fun and good time. :)
Second have a damn fine birthday, and please, do try to remember how young you are getting

3rd get back in good health. Ready for your course and new job, when came that into place?
Do tell us more of that part.

so hurry back as soon as you can and tell us more.
don't know but the end of that last sentence does sound familiar ... movie ... song ... 197x or so


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by Shellbot In reply to Birthday comming up :)

well, my contract is till end of August and they want me to renew, but i don't think i am going to. Frustration at an all time high and its just not worth it. Having a real hard time keeping it all together the past few months (work, home, health ) so unless a few things change i won't stay on.

So, I've polished up the CV and when i back from hols, i will start the interviews...ugh..

The course..dunno..just decided it was high time i bit the bullet and went for it. So plan to have the MCAD in 8-12 months. Going to do both & C# (i'm such an idiot...:) )
Once i work with that for 6-12 months then going to do the full Solutions Developer..only a couple more why not.

i'll post pics from the hols when i back :)

I plan on a really really damn fine birthday !

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?Buen viaje y buenas vacaciones!

by neilb@uk In reply to Holidays :)


I'm jealous. I'm not going away until October!

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by gadgetgirl In reply to ?Buen viaje y buenas vaca ...

I'm not even going away.....

So, Shell, that means you have to drink twice as much, enjoy yourself twice as much, dance twice as much, and tan twice as much cos you're doing it for the both of us!!

Have a wonderful time, Shell, and make damn sure you do something super-special for your birthday.

All the best!


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Enjoy Shell

by Jellimonsta In reply to Holidays :)

I suspect I already missed you, so I hope you had a great time on your Hols, and had a great B-Day too!!

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Happy Birthday Shell!

by Tig2 In reply to Holidays :)

Have a wonderful time in Spain as well. I know it will be WONDERFUL!

Have a wonderful time on your birthday as well. Soak up sun and get healthy!

Take care!

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by Jaqui In reply to Holidays :)

that's what you are gonna have when you pick yourself up off the beach.

have fun.

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by DMambo In reply to Holidays :)

Kid going along, too? Whatever you do, don't phone into the office. Quick phone calls to check in have a way of ruining the whole vacation.

Happy birthday, as well!!

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