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Holocaust Denial

By john.a.wills ·
The President of Iran has explicitly accepted the Holocaust story and said that as the perpetrators were not Palestinians the Palestinians should not suffer for it. He is now being accused of Holocaust Denial. Something strange is going on.

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no sh|t something strange

by Jaqui In reply to Holocaust Denial

is going on.

It could be Israel being pissed at the millions of jewish people killed by the palestines since the end of WWII because they didn't like creating a country that was publicly known to have existed in the same geographic area.

after all, a reasonably estimate for the deaths directly caused by the battles with the palestines would be equal or greater than the deaths caused by the N.A.Z.I. attempt at genoicide.

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Prior statements

by jdclyde In reply to no sh|t something strange

about the destruction if Israel wouldn't have anything to do with it either?

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by BFilmFan In reply to no sh|t something strange

As a Jew, I can tell you that millions of us haven't been killed in battles with Palestinians.

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in the

by Jaqui In reply to HUH?

45 years of war [ or so ] with the palestine there haven't been a few million jews killed?

naturally been a lot of killed on the other side in the war as well.

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Crunching the numbers

by sMoRTy71 In reply to in the

I don't want to get in on the debate; however, in order to match the 6 million estimated jewish casualities in the Holocaust, 365 people would have to have been killed every day for the past 45 years in order for your estimation to be correct.

45*365 = 16425
6,000,000 / 16425 = 365.2

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by Jaqui In reply to Crunching the numbers

so if we add the 11 days for leap years it isn't going to alter that number much.

if it was even 2 million over the 45 years or so of war, then it would be 122 people a day on average.

not quite such a stretch... since some days would see 300+ other wouldn't see any.

a bombing of a bus in rush hour 60 dead and 200 wounded, I do remember news stories like that being all to common for a long time... makes 60 or so soldiers on average for days like that.

I was just pointing out why the Iranian President would want to deny the existance of the Holocaust, the generation of war to rid the area of these "invaders" needs to deny it to be justifiable.

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Another interesting theory

by Too Old For IT In reply to Holocaust Denial

Another interesting theory that he posits is that when the modern state of Israel was created by the UN, the land was not the UN's to give.

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UN and Israel

by JamesRL In reply to Another interesting theor ...

The UN did not create the state of Israel.

The land had been part of the Ottoman empire until that Empire fought and lost in WWI. During the war the Balfour declaration(British) stated the intention of creating the state of Israel.

The Arabs who fought with the British to throw out the Turks were also promised a state, and so the problems begin.

Britain had two "mandates" or colonies, one in Palestine (west of Jordan river) the other Transjordan (east of the Jordan). Jewish immigration to Palestine increased tensions, riots and figting broke out, the arabs resented the British for letting the Jews immigrate. In 1939, Britain sought to limit Jewish immigration to ease the tensions in the region and appease the arab neighbours, and this started zionist actions against the British.

After world war II, the guerilla war against the British by the zionists escalated and Britain sought to wash their hands of it, so they asked the UN to come up with a solution.

It should be noted that these zionists had been using terror bombing (King David hotel) of innocent civilians before the PLO even existed. This is not to say that anyone is justified in using terrorism, and I am not suggesting that zionism is itself bad or that the desire to create a state of Israel was a bad thing. There were many moderate zionists who did not approve of the tactics.

The UN came up with a plan, the British left on schedule, the zionists declared the state of Isreal and the arab neighbours attacked.

Its not a simple answer. Too bad people try to make it too simple.

As for the original poster, what I have read from the news re the Iranian president has been very specifically Holocaust denial.


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who attacked in 1948?

by john.a.wills In reply to UN and Israel

It was the Zionists, not the Palestinians or any of their allies, who crossed the border between the UN-proposed Jewish State in Palestine and Arab State in Palestine. Trans-Jordan did also invade the proposed special territory of Jerusalem, as did the Zionists. The Zionists had, contrary to the Partition Resolution, been expelling Christians and Muslims from the territory of the Jewish State for several days before the official Partition Day.

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Picking Nits

by JamesRL In reply to who attacked in 1948?

I am not in any way trying to say that both sides don't have things to regret in what happened in 1948.

But lets face it, the Jewish forces were armed gangs, with no central leadership, whose goals and strategies were varied. Some vary well may have crossed the borders before partition day. But the arab states invaded with a real army with the intent of wiping out the jewish state.

Can I ask - do you believe the holocaust happened?


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