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By timh11 ·
I have never set anything up like this before so please be nice :)
I have three computer, one printer, and a cable modem. Have been looking into creating my own network at home, but have got confused. What I would like to do is connect the three computer so that I can access the printer and modem from all of them. What hardware do I need I have ethernet cards in the computers?

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Re: Home Network

by cliff680 In reply to Home Network

How many ports are on your cable modem and what o/s's are on your computer's. You are connecting your printer to one of your computer's, right??

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Home Network

by timh11 In reply to Re: Home Network

one port on cable modem
XP Pro o/s on all machines
Printer connected to one of the machine at present

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Router/'hub and cables

by mrjay67 In reply to Home Network

The simplest thing to do is get a linksys or similar cable/dsl router/switch/hub with 4 ports. You could get the single port version and attatch a hub seperatly but its not that much more to get it in one device. There is a WAN port that you can plug your cable modem to. The other port(s) will be for your PCs or hub. Going with my setup plug the PCs into the linksys router. The router should need little configuration by default but can be to do a variety of functions. You will just need to make sure your PCs are set to recieve IPs by DHCP(automaticly obtain). This is usually the default. You will configure your linksys the way you would setup the one PC the cable modem would have connected to. There is a Web interface that you can type an address for usually Check the documentation that comes with the router. May depend on the brand. I have had no problems with my basic 4 port from linksys. For the printer you would install it on one of the PCS(unless its able to connect direct to LAN) and set it up to share. You may need to make sure that file and printer sharing is turned on in network properties. This is a basic short answer to your question and is probally the simplest way to do what your asking. Post back if you need more detail.

Hope this helps

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Many Thanks Jason

by timh11 In reply to Router/'hub and cables

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