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Home Network

By rkuhn ·
I have a small network at home...oh say 2 desktops, 2 laptops, 1 server, and 2 neighbors with 1 desktop each including a X-Box, all networked together.

What are some uses you all use home networks for?

Currently, I have IM, centralized mgmt, file sharing, email, remote connections (VPN), gaming, etc.

I use this network for fun and testing/learning. It's my "lab".

Anyone have any other uses for their home network? Something creative, something I haven't thought of?

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Home Network

by Dave Howard In reply to Home Network

I use my home network as a test bed for Windows (Xp, 2000 and ME), Linux (Fedora 4 and SuSE 10.0), and Solaris 10.0 networked together for file sharing, network printing, etc. I have a Netware 6.0 Server I'm working into the mix also. Getting all of these OS to work together was the point in setting up my network, to share resources over different platforms. My kids have three Windows machines upstairs and they want nothing to do with what I hook up in my "Lab".

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Testing and different tech levels

by mjd420nova In reply to Home Network

Each machine is devoted to the state of the art at the time when it was built. Different printers, but I just use shared photos docs and wave files then can access then from the one
that has the cd burner or the one with the DVD
burner or the high definition printer or
scanner.. they could all have web cams and
audio inputs and become a complete home system
without too much trouble.

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Internet Access

by chaleepas In reply to Testing and different tec ...

The purpose of our home network started out so each PC could have access to the DSL Internet. I bought a switch and hooked each PC up to it (2 PC's in the beginning). Now all the ports are full between the 3 Desktops and 1 new (used) Laptop. File and printer sharing has now been turned on, so I guess you could say it has evolved. The desktops all have Windows Xp and the laptop has Windows 2000. Other than bandwith issues (kids are hogs when it comes to their online gaming, video streaming, web-cam use, etc.) If I had the means, I'd get a T1 to my house, but I don't, so I won't! They are however bugging me for cable internet now... **SIGH**

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Try This

by rkuhn In reply to Internet Access

I used to do it but it's been a while.

Set yourself up a cheap server...even a old PC converted to server will work.

There are plenty of versions of open source server software out there and in addition you'll find software for bandwidth throttling all free, open source.

Use the server as a proxy and limit the kids bandwidth.

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Try proxy / limiting software

by PowerIT In reply to Internet Access

You can try and install some software on each PC as the admin and then when they log on (hopefully as a non-admin) their bandwidth is throttled down. I know of one software title that should do the trick -

See installation instructions and pricing if applicable.

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