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how about

By Jaqui ·
allowing more than 20 last discussions posted to in the listing?
also with the Q&A.

with the Q&A allow user to removed closed questions from current list, or else break list of questions answered into open and closed.

the more active someone is, the less use the current limits are in tracking questions and discussions participating in.

maybe adjust listing to bring to top any discussions with new posts, so ones that have run thier course drop off the list of active quicker.

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good suggestion

by sMoRTy71 In reply to how about

That's a good idea. We are about to start cranking out our next set of Profile features. I'll add that to the list.


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Love it

by house In reply to how about

I often resort to discussion searches in order to locate a previous thread with which I've made a contribution.

Good job. :)

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by Jaqui In reply to Love it

one of the better discussion forum systems is phpbb.

no collection of data like here, but you can search for specific discussions, and the listing will bounce discussions being posted to up to the top of a list, no matter if you have recently posted to it or not.

so then browsing the discussions first page is always new/hot discussions.
adding a function to allow each users activity to be put up on a page wouldn't be hard.

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Full circle

by stress junkie In reply to how about

It wasn't so long ago that I proposed exactly the opposite. I wanted to see new discussions listed by the date of the original post; not by the date of the last post. Maybe we should be able to choose between which way we want to see the discussions sorted. That shouldn't be very difficult. Then everyone could have their TR the way that they want it. After all if you can sort by various criteria on or then why not here?

And a big Thank You to the TR staff for asking.

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