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How big is the Internet

By maxwell edison ·
19.2 billion?

8.1 billion?

Bigger than a breadbox?

Think about this. If someone told you 20 years ago that.....

..... a Google was feuding with a Yahoo .....

..... what would you have thought?

Do you Google?

No, I Yahoo.


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how big???

by Black Panther In reply to How big is the Internet

no one really knows but here is some idea

I google :)

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yeah, but what does it look like?!?!

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to how big???

Some good artistic representations on there of what the internet looks like.

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Sprint map

by Dr Dij In reply to yeah, but what does it lo ...

Sprint published a poster of all the internet connections, had a circle with all the destinations on the edges, and routers in middle. The huge # of straight lines all thru the circle came up looking like a bird in flight.

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by Jaqui In reply to How big is the Internet

yahoo users are nothing but a bunch of yahoos.

( that is actually the name of a gay group in toronto area..."Bunch of Yahoos" )

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And in the UK...

by GuruOfDos In reply to hissssss

A Yahoo (or Hooray Henry) is any scholar that attended Oxford or Cambridge University or went to a public (fee paying private school) like Eton.

In any typical English pub, a bunch of Yahoos can spoil a very pleasant evening's drinking in seconds flat! Much the same as in Toronto I would imagine!

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Bigger than the sound of one hand clapping?

by ITgirli In reply to How big is the Internet

How can something intangible be thought of in size? A google in hand is worth two yahoos in a bush? (That last one didn't even sound right.) Have you ever been asked "which internet?"? And I want to know who cares.

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Personally -

by gadgetgirl In reply to Bigger than the sound of ...

I Ask Jeeves (mainly because I need UK-related answers!)

And I don't really care either. Like all other things, it has its good parts and its bad parts.

As long as the good outweigh the bad .....


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How about. . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Bigger than the sound of ...

....a Yahoo's hand in the bush is worth two googles?


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by gadgetgirl In reply to How about. . . . . .

I think that would all depend on just how big your google is .....



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Internet - Old Skool style(eee)!!!!

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to max

Yeah, you can keep your interenet, my and my home boys, we like it old skool. We Use ARPA!

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