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how can i get this guy

By thejokermmud ·
Hi, i got a problem.... i need to know how do i get a guy that i work with "i do computer help desk work at my school, and also in charge of id's" Heres the situtation..... Hes making fake id's, "he showed me it" and we cant do anything till we havehard evidence..... he was smart enough to cut out the section of the card ribbon that he printed the fake with, so thats gone.. he printed the fake through paint shop.... so the program i usually use doesnt log it... is there anyway windows 98 has alog of things printed? or does "we use novell" novell have a log on the server of things done? please help....

i need some kinda evidence....


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by toltec58 In reply to how can i get this guy

you could just whup his *** in the parking lot <EG>. Make sure there are no witnesses. Other than that, what real harm is he doing to you or anyone else? If someone is gonna screw up, they'll do it anyway. Fake ID or not.


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How can you get the guy

by shanesey In reply to well

You could always have a friend or coworker or associate, someone you know and trust who would back you up or testify go to this guy and ask for one of the fake ids, then you got him....evidence and all.

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Use good police technice

by jjtpapa In reply to how can i get this guy

1. His addmission that Its a fake is enuff to get it check.
2. Police have ways of checking if the paint, ink and dyes are what and drom lots used in real ID's
3. If ID fake mere possition (sic) is a crime
4. If he is faking ID's what else.

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by thejokermmud In reply to Use good police technice

Well today is a start of a new week at work, we will see how it goes.... thankx a bunch

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by JustMeAngie In reply to how can i get this guy

Did he go on the web to get a template maybe? check the cookies for evidence of that just an idea

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did he get a templat....

by thejokermmud In reply to

No he just scanned it using a mac, cleaned it up some using photoshop 6.0 and did the rest on a pc then printed it...

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another solution

by robert In reply to how can i get this guy

If this guy is using a computer you can record what is displayed on the monitor. A third party software is available at or that does this recording covertly. I dont know how well it works but you could give it a try. I remember seeing it when I was searching for some other software.

Good Luck.

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by Superbryce In reply to how can i get this guy

2.)Download program called RedHandPro 6.0
3.)Activate program on suspects system.
5.)Copy logging of suspect to floppy.
6.)Take copy to proper authorities.
7.)Pat youself on the back.
8.)Have another Beer!

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have a beer

by thejokermmud In reply to REDHAND PRO 6.0

Hey thankx man im gonna see what this can all do, thankx a bunch....


if this works ill fly out to you and buy ya a case :-)

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