How come TR forums don't support Collapsed/All as a default setting?

By dcolbert Contributor ·
I've noticed that users can set their default preferences on the Tech Republic forums to be collapsed or expanded, and to show 25, 50 or 100 messages at a time by default.

On the other hand - while *reading* a forum, a user can select collapsed or expanded, and to show 25, 50, 100 or ALL messages in the forum being read.

I'm trying to think of what possible reasons there might be for not allowing users to set their default forum view to "collapsed/ALL".

The only thing I can come up with is that maybe there is a concern about forum readers consuming excessive bandwidth hitting the forums and pulling down all of the message headers at one time.

But, instead what happens is that I set my view to Collapsed/All - then I respond to a message - and once I respond, it takes me back to my default view (Collapsed/100) displaying 100 messages. Then I switch BACK to Collaped/All again, and wash-rinse-repeat, consuming far more bandwidth displaying first 100, then all headers, over and over again.

The ironic thing is that this is only an issue in LONG threads, which are exactly the threads where I want my default view to be collapsed/all as navigating through 5 pages to get to my place in the thread for every response is a head-ache.

Doesn't seem like it would take much code to fix this, and I think it would improve TR tremendously for TR power users.

As a workaround, I open up a thread and expand it to collapsed/all and right click responses and select "Open in new window" and read and respond in that new window. It works, but it sure isn't as convenient as just allowing me to have collapsed/all as my default view.

Anyone else notice this?

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