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how companies lie...a funny from the internet

By jck ·
So I'm always seeing these pay-per-search engines on the net saying they can find people for you...and I'm searching for a couple people I used to know...and...each time it comes up and says "(name here) is in our database"

So, I go to typing things to get responses like this:

"heywood jablowmi is in Our Database."
"U.R. Willy is in Our Database."

isn't that false advertisement? Saying you have something in your database that isn't? Bait and Switch?

funny nonetheless.... :)

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For some excellent names

by DMambo In reply to how companies lie...a fun ...

check out Car Talk

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by tagmarkman In reply to how companies lie...a fun ...

I used to manage a large IT department that specialized in huge information databases. Sometimes, the names actually exist, they might not be real names but people managed to get them on an official piece of documentation. And also oddly enough, a lot of the wierdest names are real names, even famous ficticious names like Kris Kringle.

Sadly, a lot of databases do advertise false and claim they have a name or a piece of information that they simply do not have. I think this is a stupid business decision on their part... in other words it's the quickest way for me not to trust their company (along with pop-ups, adware, spyware, blinking banners, etc.). And if I can't trust the company, I certainly am not going to give them my business let alone my name. It's unfortunate that many poeple fall prey to this before they wise up.

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Avogadro's Number

by DC Guy In reply to how companies lie...a fun ...

When I was in college there was an off-campus house that had been home to several generations of grad students. The first ones to rent the place about twenty years earlier had gotten the phone in the name of Amadeo Avogadro, a pioneer in chemistry. That way instead of telling people their phone number and having them forget it or lose it, they could just tell people to call Information and ask for Avogadro's Number.

(That's a chemistry joke, but it worked at CalTech. "Avogadro's Number" is the constant, R, in PV=nRT.)

A friend of mine decided to go to law school in middle age. When he got his shingle he changed his name to that of one of the most famous attorneys in American history. For some unfathomable reason, a judge granted him the change. It was real cute, perhaps even got him some business... until the internet was invented. Now nobody can find him with a search engine because all they get are millions of hits on the real one!

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