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How could Neil pass THAT up?

By jdclyde ·
GG is a BABE! Woo Woo!

(got to love peer mail! Ask and yea shall receive! hee hee!)

While the photo I got doesn't show QUITE as much skin as I would have liked, it was a good start! (she is working on it!) ]:)

This is the person Neil had a "date" to meet up with and blew her off! Tell you what, if he had the pictures I do, he would be punishing himself more than she ever could! Woo woo! :^O

It is good to be king! (even if NOT of TR)

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to How could Neil pass THAT ...

That's right, rub our noses in your special status. Don't you know gentlemen don't get .jpg's and tell? I hope she cuts you off, or sends you pictures of somebody's colonoscopy.

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by jdclyde In reply to Braggard

But it is one thing to kiss-and-tell. It is quite another to sing their praise from the tallest building or the nearest discussion board!

Now, if I SHARED the pictures, THAT would be call for outrage!

And as she well knows, I have NEVER claimed to be a gentleman! ]:)

My hope is the next is a .mpeg instead of a jpeg!

Woo woo!

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You Objectifier!!!

by DMambo In reply to How could Neil pass THAT ...

"How could Neil pass THAT up?"

You are referring to GG as tho she is a thing rather than a living, (heavily) breathing person. Take this as a virtual glove across the face.

I challenge you to a duel in the defense of Gadget Girl's honor.

(old poem: She offered her honor, he honored her offer, and all night long, he was off her and on her)

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My friend

by jdclyde In reply to You Objectifier!!!

your cut me to the quik!

Don't you know it is only apropreate to sing a pretty ladys praise?

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Maybe Neil saw a different set of photos

by M_a_r_k In reply to How could Neil pass THAT ...

GG might have sent Neil photos she downloaded from instead of the ones from that she emailed to you, jd.
Oh well, you opened a can of worms for GG by telling everyone that she is hot little lassie. She's gonna be getting peer mailed to death.

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That remindes me

by jdclyde In reply to Maybe Neil saw a differen ...

of a discussion I had with girli when we were talking about the "my contacts" and how you get listed by other people that you have NEVER seen in a discussion.

One of the people that had her as a contact had ONLY women as contacts. She was really creeped out by it all.

And do you REALLY think anything I posted here is going to stimulate people anywhere near as much as what she posts herself? You must not have read her "jumper" comment to Dawg today......

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Good point

by M_a_r_k In reply to That remindes me

Ol' GG has had quite a few scintillating posts. Not that I pay any attention, though. I missed her "jumper" comment. What was all that about? Actually, since I'm a saintly little church boy, I don't think I want to know about it. haha

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Sure you do!

by jdclyde In reply to Good point

Between that and Dawgs reply, I think it is safe to say whatever saintlyness you had will be purged quickly!

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My virginal eyes are burning!

by M_a_r_k In reply to Sure you do!

And I'm sorry to tell you this, jd, but after eavesdropping on that little exchange of foreplay between GG and and her puppy Dawg, now I'm thinking that she meant to send those naked photos of herself to Dawg instead of you. haha

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no no no

by jdclyde In reply to My virginal eyes are burn ...

never said naked (yet!)

Still working on that! ]:)

But yes, I had to go to the bathroom for about 10 minutes after reading that exchange. ;\

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