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How do aliens reproduce?

By ITgirli ·
Odd, I know, but my cousin and I were having this discussion over the weekend. How exactly would you imagine that aliens (the kind from outspace, not the kind with the green card) reproduce? Usually they are describe as beings with big heads, but no distinct male/female parts. I put out the thought that perhaps they reproduced by budding. Maybe the buds then fall off the alien's head and then you have a little alien. There was also the suggestion that perhaps they stuck a finger in another alien's ear hole in order to achieve satisfaction, but then that still leaves open how the little alien comes about. Maybe it's all just cloning and thus over many millenia of cloning, their reproductive organs disappeared.
I look forward to reading any other ideas put out here.

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Abduct earth women

by gralfus In reply to How do aliens reproduce?

C'mon, we've known that since the 1940's! Horrible mutant space fiends from another world descend and abduct our women for to repopulate their worlds. I've seen countless movies where this happens, so it *must* be true...

Somehow I think they'd have better luck if the aliens were female and they abducted males. They probably wouldn't have to even abduct them, just show up and open the door of the saucer.

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Gimme some of that

by Dr Dij In reply to How do aliens reproduce?

(buds?) that got a great discussion like that going..

Sci-fi is rank with dift methods for the aliens.
On one planet they were studying egg shaped aliens that went to a large clearing when ready. They 'made music' together literally. This stimulated them to start dividing by themselves and they went their separate ways to split into multiple rainbow colored humpty-dumpties.

Another species was kind of like a sentient kelp animal that had a larvae stage that was mobile then settled down into a rooted plant on an alien 'coral reef' with lots of available energy. They used it in a great tank in the battle cruiser's forward section, as it could sense hi-energy photons and translate that into collision avoidance at high speed.

Oddly sci-fi largely deals with aliens from our point of view, so it is from our angle dealing with them.

Discovery had a whole planet setup as an example of alien eco-system we might discover. There was extra thick atmosphere, and floating clouds of whale sized herbivors with gas bags to keep afloat.

Nat geo channel got in on this too with a world of parasol umbrella plant/animals and critters below them. Were some nasty sea creatures that would flow like slime molds out of water and burrow into the birdy like creature's legs to reproduce.

Oh-ohh.... someones coming, have to do real work...

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by puppybreath In reply to Gimme some of that

On Saturn the sexes are three
which is awkward, I'm sure you'll agree
while performing con brio
they must have a trio
and it even takes two for a pee

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Thank you

by Dr Dij In reply to Saturn
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by M_a_r_k In reply to How do aliens reproduce?

I don't buy your stick-a-finger-in-your-wife's-ear theory. That's disgusting. What self-respecting alien wants to get a finger full of ear wax? I saw a documentary about this once on MTV. The truth is that aliens are just overgrown insects. They both have antennae, right? And they're both ugly, right? Therefore I postulate that an alien is a large insect. Except that they have adapted to living in the nether regions of our galaxy. Baby insects were taken into space by the Russkies during the heyday of the space race in '60s. Their intent was to train them to attack the U.S. in the event of war. Armageddon can come in a variety of packages. In this case, Armaggedon was gonna come from buzzing antennae-headed missiles. A ready supply of insects stocked in space put them out of reach of our own laser weapons of the day. It's also a shorter flight from low earth orbit to Des Moines than from Moscow to Des Moines. Not only that, they would have gravity working for them, so they'd be humming along at the speed of light by the time they blasted into Omaha. I got off track there, but the point I was trying to make is that aliens and insects are two sides of the same two-headed coin. Aliens are insects on steroids. They mate like insects and they reproduce from gooey egg-like things just like your everyday insect.

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Alien Friend

by hozcanhan In reply to How do aliens reproduce?

A man was walking on the street , he felt somebody tapping his shoulder . He turned his head and looked back . He saw strange humanoid . Couldn't give a meaning and walked on , after a while a second tap on the shoulder and the man turned back and asked the creature "wha' da ya want ? " . "Nothing" the thing said . "Can I buy you a drink ?". And the friendship grew into the night . After many free drinks the man finally explained in detail the earthly version and asked his close friend : "How do YOU aliens do it ?"
The alien streched out its hand and ....tapped the man's shoulder !

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to How do aliens reproduce?

I usually insert my gloorplax organ into my first partner's undulater, while our second partner strokes our fleads together. Then we switch.

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by Dr Dij In reply to

She asks a perfectly serious normal question on how aliens reproduce (discovery special to follow) and you have to bring your gloorplax organ; typical talk by one of the 1st sex.

(that was my galfriend talking, she would then accuse me of being such a typical guy, which I would affirm, then we might get into a tickling bout and end up ..., now you as an alien know how humans reproduce :)

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by Dr Dij In reply to How do aliens reproduce?

in this book, the aliens were smart, sentient; had odd lump on top instead of head. mouth lower; when the human asked them about repro, the answer was 'there is a 3rd non-sentient intermediate' and figured out that the body was a parasitized host, the aliens were wasplike things that required the humanoid form to lay eggs in.

similar to the wormies on stargate, but they reproduced outside humans or other hosts, in ponds and as young burrowed into the people.

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by ITgirli In reply to How do aliens reproduce?

I kind of meant real aliens. It is very interesting to look at how science fiction has portrayed it. But what about the one's that kidnap rednecks and stick probes up their butts?

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