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How do I Avoid SMS Monitoring

By TellMeWhy ·
Well I am running a server and the other admins have just installed SMS 2003 server and we all know that it can "see" our desktops without our knowledge, hence serious breach of our privacies. Please tell me how to not let them see my desktop live ??????

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by sgt_shultz In reply to How do I Avoid SMS Monito ...

what i want to know is, did you get that new Word macro we sent enterprise-wide? boy, that microsoft sure is peachy stuff, eh? and my firewalls are selling like hotcakes...

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by CG IT In reply to How do I Avoid SMS Monito ...

I'm not sure that System Management Server 2003 is your problem. Any admin can interact with your session if you log on via terminal services and they have configured your account so that they can do so even without your permission. If they have and your not a member of the admin account where you can change it your out of luck. Besides, if your not doing anything your not supposed to be doing then I doubt so admin is gonna peek at what your doing BUT if they suspect you doing what your shouldn't be doing, ha ha.

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by TellMeWhy In reply to

THanx guys for contribution, Well Sgt, plz explain what u were saying. I didn't get a word.

Corporate, I have disabled terminal services and i have admin rights, I have disabled telnet too. I haven't allowed their sms client software to be installed in my system, What i wana know that if sms cleint software is not installed in my system ,will they still be able to see my desktop and remotely monitor it?

The Chas, I'm not doing what i'm not suppose to do apart from the following, i may be doing some office project for which i will get the credit but when they are able to see how i am going so my dear colleagues may be able to outsmart me in my own techniques. This is not fair. i make my reports in my style and i use my own programmed scripts which i save and i reprogram it often. now if they are able to se all then .... i'm doomed. they know what i know then the office don't need me so ...... ok may be i'm makin it a matter of life and death hehehe ;-).

All I need is my right to have a privacy so i am i able to ensure it "Technically"?

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by TheChas In reply to How do I Avoid SMS Monito ...

Even in America, there are limits on personal privacy when you are at work.

Basically, except for restroom stalls, and shower areas, your employer can monitor nearly everything that you do.

Technically, they do need to have a formal policy and let the employees know that they may be monitored without notice.


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by CG IT In reply to How do I Avoid SMS Monito ...

ok I have to say this. Do you really know what System Management Server [any flavor] does? The "we all know it can see our desktops without our knowledge" statement is actually not correct. System Management Server manages software, hardware, patches and AD objects and containers AND 2003 version incorporates XP's remote assistance [online helpdesk so to speak]. It provides hardware inventory, software inventory, patch/service pack inventory on ALL computers in the network [including servers] in one nice neat package. The discovery client isn't something a user can "block" from running. It's deployed like a service pack and you won't have a choice about it. If you don't want anyone seeing what your doing, don't log on to the network, run the computer locally [if you can].

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by CG IT In reply to

There's more than one way to hide stuff. I'll use this example. Honeypots , or bluntly, politics [the simple art of deception]. If you know someone is peeking, or wants to, let em peek at what you want them to peek at. Give em a honeypot that isn't the real deal. They will get the false sense of knowing exactly whats going on when they really don't.

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by TellMeWhy In reply to

THanx D R Corporate, so your saying that even if the client service or file isn't installed in my pc, the sms admin can still be able to "see" my desktop live like pc-anywhere? If so, then they don't have the right to do so! everyone's privacy must be respected....anyway i'll find a way to "not let them see my desktop"! one way or another.

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by rdunn In reply to How do I Avoid SMS Monito ...

You may want to check with your IT staff - usually SMS is installed for user support. Only administrators have access to perform administrative tasks.

If you are logging into the network, then domain admins have rights to your PC (as they should be) to perform administrative tasks.

If you are that paranoid about people seeing what you are doing, then perhaps you should take a closer look at what you should be doing.

If your role is such that certain documents require to be secured, remove permissions to all other users except for yourself to said documents. Be careful with this, though. If you select a folder/file that needs to be accessed by the Operating System, your computer may choke.

When you work for a company, the computer is considered a tool provided to you by the company, and all information constructed/created on it is also property of the company. Unfortunately, I don't think that you have much of a legal foot to stand on.

Let us know how it turns out.


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