How do I submit a paper or .ppt?

By emxgarcia ·
What is the procedure for submitting a white paper, or in my case, a short .ppt which I think could be useful for the TR community?

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I don't know...

by cmiller5400 In reply to How do I submit a paper o ...

But I marked it as spam so that it will be seen by the "powers that be"

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How to Submit Paper

by raja_ivaturi In reply to I don't know...

the URL given for submitting paper is for pushing the URL of existing page where your content is already published.

Where as what we wanted to know is about submitting a fresh paper to Tech Republic

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RE: "Where as what we wanted to know is" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to Submit Paper

Who is "we" - you've not been here before, so why are you wording in the past tense?

You want to ask YOUR question? - Start your OWN one.

BTW - the answer you were looking for was staring you in the face, if you had only continued to read the ENTIRE thread!

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Actually OM, the link from Tammy is where you give them

by Deadly Ernest In reply to RE: "Where as what we wan ...

a URL as a link to where the document is stored - it doesn't have a way for you to submit an actual document itself. So if you have a file on your system, to submit it, you first have to get it publicly accessible on some other web site and tell TR the URL. If you're doing that, why bother telling TR about it.

They need a place where someone can email, or upload, a document they want TR to consider including, and they should have one, but don't such a process, unless you get on with one of the staff and send it to them direct via their staff email, if you know it.

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I was just about to amend my post ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Actually OM, the link fro ...

I tried the link from Tammy and noticed what you've just so eloquently explained.

I got caught short (of a caffeine hit) and went off to grind some Colombian. Came back and you'd already done it.

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Grinding Columbians can be messy, the last one I ground

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I was just about to amend ...

bled all over the place and the cocaine in his pockets made a **** of a mess to clean up, but the clean up crew from down the street were sure happy while doing the job, me, I wouldn't work in a place with so much white dust in the air.

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Central African Mercenaries are also messy bleeders

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Grinding Columbians can b ...

But there's no need for a clean up crew. That's handled by the Black Kites and Lesser Spotted Eagles.

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How to submit an unpublished white paper?

by Baron Consulting In reply to How do I submit a paper o ...

So how do i submit a white paper that has not been published online?

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