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How do you contact TechRepublic when Contact Us fails

By dnrobertson ·
For months now, TechRepublic has been sending out newsletters that begin:


Upgrade Your WinXP Pro Skills with This Guide

TechRepublic's WINDOWS XP PROFESSIOANL RESOURCE GUIDE, SECOND EDITION contains a wealth of tips and advice to


I emailed them months ago highlight the spelling error of PROFESSIONAL. I got a reply saying it would be forwarded to the correct department but it's still going on.

It really irritates me.

Does anybody have an opinion of how much longer they will continue to run this advertisment.

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Details, details

by wordworker In reply to How do you contact TechRe ...

Nothing like a little public display of humiliation to help get the editorial ball rolling!

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Would that also get someone to. . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Details, details


Edit: Nope, I just changed my mind. I won't do that.

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Max or Neil...

by maecuff In reply to Would that also get someo ...

Perhaps one of you could offer your 'opinion' on this. I just read this thread and the initial post says (paraphrasing here) does anyone have an opinion on how long they (TR) will run the ad. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to use the word 'guess' instead of 'opinion'?

Thank you for your help, it's just really irritating me...

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I sure hope

by jdclyde In reply to Max or Neil...

no one is clipping their nails today if this post can irritate you!

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It really doesn't...

by maecuff In reply to I sure hope

I was just being a smartass..

Although, your reply kind of gets under my skin. :)

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On the brighter side of things

by jdclyde In reply to It really doesn't...

It is always better to be a smartass than a dumbass!

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And irritating the ladies again makes you...

by NickNielsen In reply to On the brighter side of t ...


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Careful, JD, Mae has become incredibly MEAN lately

by DMambo In reply to It really doesn't...

Take a look at this post as an example of how she's been going over the top with lashing out at innocent TR newbies.

If I were you, I would not clip my nails, eat loud nor apologize within a 50-mile radius of her.

She's like a beartrap just waiting to be sprung.

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by maecuff In reply to Careful, JD, Mae has beco ...

send me a mug and I won't hate you anymore.. :)

Just kidding, I don't hate you, I was only, you big whiny *** t*tty baby.

As far as the beartrap goes. Yep. Our union voted to strike. We're going to be locked in 10 hours each day, it's very ugly here right now. We've been given conflicting information by the hour at this point. I'm trying to be upbeat, but I am afraid this is all going to end very badly.

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Strikes are no fun

by DMambo In reply to Careful, JD, Mae has beco ...

When you say "our" union, do you mean a union of people who report directly to you, or the union of shop floor workers (or similar positions)?

Either way, it sounds like a situation that sucks. The problem I've seen is that no matter which side is right and which is wrong, the relations get beat to **** and people carry a lot of animosity when they're back to work. Not to mention that often mgt looks for production alternatives after a strike. I've seen cases, where friends were working, where mgt basically looked at a new contract as a deadline for moving production to a more stable (cheaper) environment.

Good luck with all that. I'll keep my whining down for a while so as not to irritate you further.

Chin up!! I'll be here hoping for the best. :)

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