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How do you deal with dense staff

By somwon ·
It is the most frustrating experience when staff is asked to perform a specific task a specific way and it like there is a tunnel between their right and left ears. The anxiety and stress this inefficient environment takes its toll on everyone. Would anybody like to advise what can be done to improve efficiency without firing and rehiring?

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by OnTheRopes In reply to How do you deal with dens ...

My first thought: training.
My second thought: communication.

If you're assigning a "30 minute" task that takes 2 hours:
A. Staff screwed the pooch
B. Staff was extremely thorough and did more
than the task called for.
C. Staff didn't know how to do it.
D. You didn't grok what it took to do the task.

If you're assigning a "month" long task and it takes 6 months it's A-D again, just moreso.

If it's:
A. Quietly discuss the issue when you can be
B. Appreciate the effort. Communicate better
when assigning the next task.
C. Budget training expenses or have clearly
written procedures.
D. Budget training expenses and learn from your

Nobody works well in an atmosphere where they feel their job is going to go out the window.

I'm not a believer in management by fiat either.

If they can perform the task with their eyes closed, trust their abilities and don't micro-manage.

People often mirror other peoples emotions. If they see frustration, anxiety and stress they feel frustration, anxiety and stress. In a high stress environment a good sense of humor goes a long way. People work to live, not live to work, except for me.

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