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How Do You Define Respect?

By oneamazingwriter ·
1-clink answers has this to say:

and it all sounds nice enough, but I tend to define such words myself and my simplest definition is a healthy fear of loss. The word admire is used a number of times in the results of the search I ran, and I have found that I don't necessarily have to admire someone or something in order to respect s/he or it.

So what's your personal definition of the word?

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Over and above the dictionary definitions

by maxwell edison In reply to How Do You Define Respec ...

And it can be described in many different ways.

Respect is never deserved, but rather can only be earned. Respect can only be given, but never taken. Respect can never be demanded, lest it will never be given. Respect is hard to gain, but easy to lose.

Respect is not judging people who believe differently than you, nor is it forcing them to succumb to your will. Respect is to live and let live. Respect is taking responsibility, not laying blame. Respect is understanding principle, even though it differs from yours.

Respect is seeing people, not only for what they are, but also for what they could be. Respect is giving credit, not taking it for yourself. Respect is doing unto others as you would have others do unto you. Respect is seeing the best in people, not the worst.

Respecting others and respecting one's self always go hand in hand.

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to Over and above the dictio ...

I'm printing that one out, Maxwell. I'm truly glad I asked. Those are values I strive to live by, but I hadn't labled them. I don't know why it helps to have a lable at times, but it does.

A long while ago I recorded in a journal that love without respect is emotionalism. (You know how sometimes your hand writes and then you have to scratch your head and wonder where that came from?) I've been chewing on that for years now and have found that once I lose respect for someone, I'm better off to back way off, even if I have an emotion that I would call love. I put that down as live and let live, since I no longer had a healthy fear of loss of the relationship.

By your definition, then, I haven't really lost respect for people. I simply cannot go along with what comes at me from some. Thanks!

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Excellent post, Max

by puppybreath In reply to Over and above the dictio ...

As an addition, I've always liked the quote "Respect is something that must be given to be received".

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This evening

by oneamazingwriter In reply to How Do You Define Respec ...

I read a reply to a playful message of daffy definitions that I left on a discussion and was so thoroughly repulsed by that reply that I have decided to cease to post at TR.

I thank all of you who were supportive of my being a member here, especially Jaqui, who made it very clear that those who are not IT pros have something to contribute to this site. Thanks, Jaqui.

I learned a lot here and I have tons of articles saved to pdf. I will conintue to read and strive to learn more.

I am a respecter of boundaries. I live within my own so that I can grow in respect for myself. When I was a child, if other children decided to bully, I took my toys and went home. That still seems like the best thing to do.

When anyone walks away from abuse, there is one less victim. I refuse to relate as a victim. This is a big world. Each time I leave abuse behind I walk into a better experience of life.


Beth Plankey

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The post

by oneamazingwriter In reply to This evening

that offended me has been edited and is blank, so I thank the poster for doing that.
I do walk what I talk:

Words have the ability to do harm or to help to heal.
They can lift us up or push us down.
I prefer to keep my words elevated so that I can grow into them.

Forgiveness is the only eraser that I know of to create a clean slate. Forgiveness delares anyone "not guilty".

So the slate is clean and I am free to write more words on it!

Color me happy!


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by dawgit In reply to The post

Good.!. Then you can color us all Happy .!.

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Maybe you ought to edit this, dawgit

by oneamazingwriter In reply to :-)

All is a big word! There are some who would not agree with you. They make that very clear to me. It would be one really strange experience of life if we all liked the same things. It saves a lot of guess work! For the record, I really don't like Brussel sprouts and can't seem to handle egg white. I'd be thinner, though, if I could find more food that I did't like!
edited: for the sake of grammar...this time I typed it right, but it was the wrong word! LOL

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