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How do you dress for work?

By zlitocook ·
I have worked at many companies with lots of ideas on how the employee should dress for work. At one company the employees never talked directly to the people they helped so they could wear what ever they wanted. This is a bad idea because it leads to distraction for other employees. At other companies it seems that the person who helps the upper management can dress how ever they please. Notice that I do not say (woman or man) it just depends on the company.
So if you get a great paying job and are shown the dress code but no one follows it, what do you do?
I always dress in business casual unless I am told not to.

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The same as usual

by Deadly Ernest In reply to How do you dress for work ...

first the underwear, next the shirt, pants, socks, shoes etc.

Ok,OK - depends upon the organisation and corporate image. Turn up in business shirt and tie and see what the rest are wearing first. If you constantly turn up looking neat, it may encourage others to do the same. Anway it looks more professional.

Most importantly wear what you are comfortable wearing.

I do know two people who work nude, one does all their work by remote from home, the other works in a nudist holiday resort in France. They get a lot more for their money as they NEVER have to buy work clothes.

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by zlitocook In reply to The same as usual

I bet the laptops burn the legs! :)

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Blue Jeans and a nice shirt

by Mickster269 In reply to How do you dress for work ...

I rarely deal with customers face to face.

We wear Jeans and dress hirts or "golf" shirts (no tee shirts).

but we are a small , family owned company.

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more blue jeans

by deb In reply to Blue Jeans and a nice shi ...

Same here. I rarely meet customers and when I do, I have plenty of notice. I do occassionally where I nice tee and where a nicer blouse for customers, but jeans are still allowed.

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Many variables

by mjd420nova In reply to How do you dress for work ...

As a senior technician specialist, it all depends on what customer I'm going to see and the time of the year. If I'm going to a customers home, I'm expected to wear dress slacks and a tie, even in the hot summer. If I'm heade to the oil refinery, then I usually wear jeans and a dress shirt but no tie. I do not have a clothing allowance, so no one can dictate what I HAVE to wear, just quidelines of what NOT to wear. If I have to go to a corporate headquarters, dress slacks, a tie and a sharp sport coat is expected, but that can vary depending on the work expected of me. If I have to climb up on a roof to check out a satilite dish, replace an LNA or realign the dish, then it's jeans and a polo shirt (the company does provide polo shirts with company logo) are the norm. I've had a few close encounters with ties and line printers that just love loose clothing. But when the day ends, all bets are off, on hot days you'll see me in traffic headed home with no shirt at all.

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My situation is

by jay_el_72 In reply to Many variables

similar. I teach computers and Transportation, Distribution & Logistics. If I anticipate a day of teaching MS office I will wear business casual, yet, if I am going to be teaching Pallet Jack usage I will wear jeans and a golf shirt.
It is possible to look professional even in jeans if they are nicely pressed and your shirt is tucked in etc.

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Hospital wear...

by gboyce In reply to My situation is

As computer technicians working for a large hospital - Long Island, NY - we prefer to dress casual yet comfortable. Also, depending on what's going on - are we running CAT5e all day, working under desks, doing PC moves??? Or are we in meetings all day with corporate? You see, it all depends on what's going on. Jeans and a nice Polo shirt are my norm, but I know a few who dress with Dockers and a button down everyday - regardless of the "job of the day".......


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rotating equipment

by Colonel Panijk In reply to Many variables

I've had a few close encounters with ties and line printers that just love loose clothing.

Back when IBM required their male field engineers to dress up in coat and tie, they forbade "real" neckties, in case one had to work on a line printer or other equipment that, as you say, "loves loose clothing". They had to buy "clip-on" neckties (can you even find those any more?). That would be a smart move for anyone who has to dress up while dealing with hazardous machines. That, or cut most of the way through the part of the tie behind the neck. IBM also at one time required female field engineers to wear elbow-length white gloves, but I think that's been dropped...

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I remember those days well

by rhomp2002 In reply to rotating equipment

I worked at one time for SBC when it was a sub of IBM and we had to wear suits and ties all the time there. The male engineers then (1964-1966) had to wear long sleeve shirts that they could roll up and the clip on ties. They would come in all dressed up and take their coat off, rollup the sleeves and dig in to fix the equipment.

If you were not a field engineer you had to keep the sleeves down and the tie tied. If you went out with a client to lunch you could buy the client a drink but if you had a drink you could be fired as soon as you got back to the office. The execs used to spread out into the various restaurants in Georgetown (the office was on Wisconsin Ave just below Mass) and if they caught you with your coat or tie off you got a talking to back at the office. If you had a drink you were fired. The only reason to stay with them were the benefits. They were head and shoulders over anyone else when it came to the benefits.

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by maecuff In reply to How do you dress for work ...

mini skirts and combat boots.

Unless it's casual friday, then I stick with my fuzzy pajamas.

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