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How do you rate your job security in the current economic climate???

By sleepin'dawg ·
The auto industry tanking and asking for bailouts. Banks going under. Tech companies like Nortel filing for Chapter 11. The housing industry is in a shambles as well as the mortgage industry. The dreaded "D" word is being mentioned. Unemployment is on the rise. 2.5 million permanent jobs have been lost with many more expected before the end of June. Unemployment ran at 20% during the depression and some current projections are saying we might hit as high as 25 - 30% before the year end. Will your job be one of those lost, for good???

So the questions are: How safe do you feel and what precautions are you taking??? What precautions are you not prepared to take??? How will you protect your assets from foreclosure and/or siezure???

Which approach do you prefer: The ostrich approach(head in the sand; it can't happen to me) or the whistling past the graveyard approach (the economy has me scared schitless but, I somehow hope I can survive)

Whichever way you're leaning, or not, now might be a good time to really give it some thought.

For what it's worth, I'm reasonably safe. Debt free, fully diversified and am considered suit proof by my lawyers (translation:you gotta be able to find it to sieze it)

Dawg ]:)

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Acorns are pretty nasty.. ...

I grow things I can use to make soups and stews to put up for winter. Limited space, make the best of it.

I think I'm planting blackberries up against the yard nazi neighbor's fence this year. At least some of them. ]:)

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So that the plants will

by The Scummy One In reply to Acorns are pretty nasty.. ...

be killed before fruiting? I dont get the reasoning for this (unless it is to put thorns in the area)

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Acorns are pretty nasty.. ...

They've been potted in a whiskey barrel for several years now. Plus, they resemble roses and yard nazi dood likes roses. It's the only thing along that fenceline he didn't get near with Roundup.

It'll be nice size when I plant it, look like a rose, and he'll leave it alone. The following spring it will have started to spread. His woodpile is just the other side of where I'll plant it. It'll be too late by the time he catches on. ]:)
Wild blackberries I dug a couple years ago... Not at all easy to get rid of. Even with Roundup, which I don't think he'd use 3 or 4 feet into his own yard.


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No worries

by Oz_Media In reply to How do you rate your job ...

I don't care. The economy could crumble, I'd still work, somebody has to.

The auto industry could die, the number of cars on the road today will keep me employed forever.

As for my day job, current profession, a crumbling economy makes my role more important. They may lay off warehouse staff, they can ditch a receptionist, the accounts payable can be farmed out etc. But the business development manager is always needed.

So whether it is doing this, or that, I will always remain employed unless by my own doing.

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Remember the "Law of the Jungle"???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to How do you rate your job ...

Eat or be eaten; kill or be killed.

This current economy is showing all the signs that it's heading down the crapper. It's not very pleasant to think about it, but you'd better, because your survival and that of your family might well depend upon the actions you take NOW

BTW IMHO IT will be one of the first areas to be downsized. Ability to multitask will be the life preserver for those who are capable. Those who are strictly one-trick-ponies are in for a rough ride.

Dawg ]:)

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civil service

by john.a.wills In reply to How do you rate your job ...

I depend on a complex of government budgets. The big background budget is the California one, 6 months late, still under discussion. But my position is secure at least until June. That doesn't mean <i/>I</i>'m secure: it may be that people will be laid off in City departments because of the City budget also being in a mess, and as we share a civil service corps with the City it could be that someone in my classification is made redundant and bumps me out. There are 3 people junior to me in my classification, so if 4 are made redundant...
Still, I have some savings and even a lot of accumulated vacation to tide me over.
But it would be sad to lose the service pension my annuity pension is due to turn into in 2 or 3 years.

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