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How do you relax off hours (without booze)

By silvioandpauly ·
Reduced staff, long hours, stupid users, Sarbanes, patches, upgrades, and more stupid users.

How do you IT folks cope or destress? I'm afraid I'm becoming an alcoholic.....

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Relax and turn your mind off

by MirrorMirror In reply to How do you relax off hour ...

I crochet to relax. I found that the repetitive motion allows my mind to focus on nothing. I had the same problems with stress and used to drink a little but have found that making something is better for me. What we do are tasks that many times never feel complete or are tangible things and the feel of something being made is a good thing. Maybe you can paint or take up running. Athletics are a good thing for your psyche and lets you vent your stress. THere are a lot of adult soccer leagues you can try.

Hope that helps.

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Crafty stuff

by Jessie In reply to Relax and turn your mind ...

I'm a crocheter, sewer, cross stitcher, pretty much ANYTHING that gives me a sense of accomplishment... of course, all that stuff happens after the little monkeys are tucked in for the night... otherwise the little cretins steal my yarn/thread and hide it in new and entertaining places... like the toilet

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Actually my first time at Uni

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Crafty stuff

I worked as a Sewing Machine Mechanic and it drove me to not only drink but smoking as well. All those neurotic "end users" who would come in saying it works perfectly but!

Then they would go on to tell me how to fix it, at first I thought well if you know so much why the hell did you bring it here for me to fix but eventually I worked it out that they where just trying to get the job done cheaper and faster.


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Several Options

by AcesKaraoke In reply to Actually my first time at ...

I like to sit down to a movie rental, read books, vent here in the forum, work on my house, play spades, etc...

...that way I can confine my drinking to work hours.

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You get spare time?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Several Options

What is it?

I haven't actually had a day off since 9-9 two days prior to 9-11 and even then I had to drop a car on myself to get a 2 week hospital stay. I had the first day and a half free and then in came the LT and Cell Phone and again no more sleep. The IV did get in the road quite a lot until I grabbed some surgical tape and taped the line up my right arm to my shoulder and then I didn't have a single problem other than the nurses constantly coming in and wondering why I was not asleep.

Now days I prefer to have a TV going in the background so it is a nice diversion but not over whelming so it distracts me from my work. But yesterday I did get 6 hours sleep so that is my allotment for the month.


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by Salamander In reply to How do you relax off hour ...

I paint, write, work on the house. Anything that displaces anger. A couple of years ago, I stopped off at the hardware store on the way home from work, picked up a couple gallons of paint, and painted my living room on a Wednesday night because I was aggravated. When I've really been in a mood, I can crank out a pretty big canvas in an evening. If you can turn that anger into something creative, it helps. Sublimating it through other activities just doesn't work for me. Hope you find your answer.

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Imagine the shape of my house

by jdclyde In reply to De-stressing

if I painted it or did other modifications while I was angry about something?

Can you say, abstract art?

I have found, someone can only make you angry if you let them make you angry. Just because they are an idiot and pooched their system isn't a reason for me to get worked up. If the get abusive I calmly point out that there is a problem because of something they did, not something I did and let them stew in that. If they continue to rant it is time to check my e-mails and play a game of solitare and I get back with them in a little bit.

Don't worry, be happy.

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Be happy...

by Salamander In reply to Imagine the shape of my h ...

I think I'm much more of a worrier than an anger-type. I don't react; I stew and fret. Only in the last year or so have I gotten better at compartmentalizing the work stuff. At the end of the day, I can pretty much leave it behind now and say...oh, well...'nother day's done...wash, rinse, repeat. I can go a whole weekend now without thinking about work or talking about it, which was a major accomplishment.

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Relax I make sure

by zlitocook In reply to How do you relax off hour ...

The day is clear, no pager, no phone. I put in some great bad movies like The evil dead or the blob. Make some pop corn and just veg. out. I love my DVD player and Ebay, I can buy the best bad movies cheap and not think about the next patch that will bring the server down. I love Microsoft sic.

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Can't be angry if...

by GSG In reply to Relax I make sure

I like to watch movies and read. You can't be angry when watching Shrek, Shrek 2, Pirates of the Carribean. If all else fails, I take one of the many foam rubber toys I get from vendors, shut my office door, and start chucking them at the walls.

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