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How do you relax?

By Mickster269 ·
We all have hobbies (I hope). After a long day at the office, fighting the demons of the Corperation, wrestling with balky networks, and trying really hard no to smite co-workers, we need a break.

What do you do to get away from it all?

Ironically, I get on the home computer (because I KNOW that works) and get back into the cyber world.

Personally, my hobby lately is playing a game called "Eve-Online". I've known this group that I play with for about 6-7 years (we met online playing a different game, and have migrated to Eve).

I used to play "Asheron's Call", but I hear that's dead in 2 weeks. I also toyed with "The Sims Online", but that got old.

Anyone else retreat to gaming online? or do you not go near a computer after you clock out?

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Fun time

by mjd420nova In reply to How do you relax?

After working with computers since their inception, I find I want nothing to do with
them after I punch out. I never owned a computer
for recreation until I quit working on them and
put it together with spare parts. The first one being an IBM AT with WIN3.0 and a 40MB HDD. I've
built many early types for process control, such
as the 4004, a 4-bit processor I used to control
a small room air conditioner-humidfier and
elecro-static precipitator for an instrument
lab for repair and calibration.(mid to later
70's) Now I read an average of a book a week.
Tom Clancy, Dean Coontz, Dale Brown and Harold
Coyle are among my favorites. The home is filled
with computers however, 5 in all, One for a
gateway/firewall and to run printers and scanners
so the users main area can remain unclutered.
Recent addition of a laptop required a wireless
router but a small ethernet gets the job done

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by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to How do you relax?

I mess around at home with my PC a little, mostly just e-mail and some minor web browsing. Normally though after work I am ready for something else. So I spend most of my spare time listening/creating music, watching movies, reading, and spending good ol' quality time with my wife and friends.

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it depends

by jck In reply to How do you relax?

If I'm really pissed off...I go out to bars, get drunk enough to be numb where I can't feel anything, and hope guys with the "Napoleon complex" try to start a fight with me cause I'm big and they have something to prove.

Other times, I just sit at home and play my Taylor K20CE.

And I agree...Sims jumped the shark when they started selling ad space to McDonalds as "places for your toon to go".

I play games to escape the real world...not emulate them.

Peace out...I'm leavin work early.

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What's a Taylor K20CE?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to it depends

What's a Taylor K20CE, a musical instrument?

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A nice toy

by jdclyde In reply to What's a Taylor K20CE?

K20CE .. manufacturer's suggested list price ...$4648.00 (new)

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by jck In reply to A nice toy

and I didn't even pay half that for mine...and could put mine on Ebay right now and make a mint off of it.

And yes, I called Taylor Guitars in El Cajon, CA and confirmed with them that no owner had reported it stolen.

It's legally all mine :) (btw...mine isn't new...2001 model...but in almost mint condition.)

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by noyoki In reply to yeah...

That wasn't meant to go here! lol

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by maecuff In reply to it depends

My husband is a big guy and he deals with that from time to time. Not to long ago, we stopped at a gas station and when we went in to pay a guy looked at my husband and said "I bet you think you're real tough, don't you. You look like you need your *** kicked." I was stunned and a little worried about my husbands reaction. To his credit, he smiled and said, "Not me, I'm sure you could kick my ***, have a nice day." I was very proud of him. Had he had a few beers in him, it may have gone differently.

Another time (we live in a backward little town) A guy stopped my husband and INSISTED that he was a wrestler. (Can't remember WHO he thought he was). And got thoroughly pissed off when my husband INSISTED that he was not. My husband has this permanent scowl on his face, he looks like a biker and can be intimidating (on the surface), in reality, he writes poetry to relax, plays his guitars and reads sales and marketing books for fun. Just goes to show that whole judging a book by its cover has some merit.

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I know the pains

by jck In reply to jck

Being 6'6" and about 300 lbs, I have been:

- Asked if I was a pro football player/wrestler
- Had the old men in the pub in Ireland asking if I would be interested in taking up rugby with their local club
- Assumed that I was dumb because I'm a big guy
- Been asked more times than I care to remember to help do things that require "tall stature"

I've been through the whole bar conflict, napoleon complex conflict thing as well.

Usually, I just laugh at a guy unless he has a knife, gun or large damage-capable weapon. Then, I calmly pay attention and do my best to disarm him or get him to realize he's gonna end up in prison if he uses it. (Thanks for the karate and tae-kwon-do lessons, mom and dad)

As for my face, I get told I'm good looking...and that I should smile more. Haven't looked like a biker though since I cut my hair off in 1994 when it was down past my shoulders.

For fun? Jesus...anything from reading dirty joke books to writing piano concertos. Yeah, I know some people will say "Yeah sure.", but I wrote my first one in high school before I'd even taken a formal piano lesson. Could play...just didn't know all the technical theory.

Anyways...the reading a book by the cover me...well...there's some use...I can generally tell how someone is by their actions and demeanor. I try not to go by looks. I was judged for mine all my life and didn't like it.

Do unto others...right?

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That is the new toy, right?

by jdclyde In reply to it depends

Isn't that the one you mentioned driving to get a bit ago?

Have just recently dug mine out and Thing one is having a blast making noise with me. Right now, he likes the Stratacaster, I lean towards the PeveyTracer.

He is now on me to restring the accustic tomorrow. He also wants a BASS. Maybe for tax return time! Bass for Thing one, drum for thing two and a colt 45, cammander. That or the gold cup. Or maybe shoot the moon and get a kimber? Looking at getting back into competition shooting again! B-)

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