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How does one break their TR addiction?

By NZ_Justice ·
I hate TR, I think it is one of the crappiest forum sites out there, every other forum you can get better more useful information and they are more interesting. But I just keep coming back here. mainly because I'm procrastinating doing work. That and when I purchased some Oreilly books from TR I had to become a member. I get an email telling me I have 500 points. I think to myself, what the **** did I get those for. then I start answering questions, and an answer gets accepted and I get more points. (at this stage I didn't care about my rating), then I started having fun just going round answering Q & A. Then after I while I notice my rating has gone up, then I think hey I have a chance to make my rating better, so I decide to go to the forums to get my rating up, my first two threads are failures (including this one) then people reply to some thing I said, and I think omgod some actually read something I typed, then I see top members in this topic and think hey I could get up there, I just have to reply to a lot of forums, then I get tired of my second thread and change it to this, now I can't get away from spending time in the TR, I get shakes and withdrawal symptoms, my works falling behind. Blah blah blah. Any comments?

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hard boiled?

by jdclyde In reply to How does one break their ...

first of all, chicken spawn, when you reference a different discussion, it is customary to LINK to said discussion.

Second, chicken spawn, most people don't refer to themselves in third person tense.

I ASSuME that you are refering to your Hal post?

Glad you amused yourself!

Carry on, chicken spawn! B-)

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by Old Guy In reply to hard boiled?

Where do they come from? :^O

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Right Link to own discussion

by NZ_Justice In reply to JD,

Just incriminate myself outright don't bother being subtle. got it.

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which came first?

by jdclyde In reply to JD,

A chicken and an egg are laying in bed.

The chicken is smoking a cigarette.

The egg says "guess we answered that one!"

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his behavior

by faradhi In reply to hard boiled?

actually made me sorry i reponded to his first post.

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he got you alright!

by jdclyde In reply to his behavior

and after that he earned his new name of chicken spawn, after his references to the egg in the other discussion.

Time for him to change his user name!

That is ok though, as I am not the most serious person in the world often either. as long as he is amusing himself and not leaving any spent love on the backs of peoples seats, things are fine.

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I guess if I could start a thread about suppositories

by faradhi In reply to he got you alright!

he can talk about himself

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HAL 9000's eye still creeps me out

by NZ_Justice In reply to I guess if I could start ...

It should creep you out too

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Okay, jd. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to he got you alright!

....what am I missing, here?

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poster changed original post

by jdclyde In reply to Okay, jd. . . . .

that is why it doesn't match up anymore.

Along the lines of going on and on about some "egg" that started another post, that then kept replying to his own posts. He was this "egg", hense his name of "chicken spawn".

The other discussion was about how Col is freaking him out with the eye avitar.

In other words, you didn't miss much. Just poor posters etiquette.

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