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How does one manage moves/expectations?

By pokerface ·
I am a manager in IT responsible for internal moves of personnel as well as technology. The number of moves we do yearly is at least 75% of number of people we have working here at headquarters. I am being pressed to increase the number of moves done daily to decrease the amount of time managers are being asked to wait for their requests. The time it takes to plan, survey, and simply obtain correct seating info is time consuming. With limited resources, I can not increase the move numbers without sacrificing our level of service and taking bodies from the team that performs service and maintenance on our network/pc's/peripherals. If I can do 25 moves a day, 100 moves take 4 days and someone is waiting 3 days for their move-simple math. Can anyone tell me of tools or techniques they use to manage moves? I would love to talk to someone with experience in this area.

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by dryflies In reply to How does one manage moves ...

I hope you are only doing computer moves. I would build a small intranet web app that the managers use to request moves. to rules to app:
first come first served, and you cannot schedule a move into a cube that is already occupied. you might want to also work on their expectations. by counting the number of moves ahead of a projected move. they might decide that the move is not worth it.
Frankly, I think your managers have too much fn time on their hands if they are juggling 75% of the workforce each year. BRW the algorithm is simple. it is used for rescheduling baseball fields for little leagues.
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by dryflies In reply to

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by OTL In reply to How does one manage moves ...

Not really understanding, even our sales people move their own PC's only the telephone lines do we have to mess with. (not voip) or we would not touch them either.
Most PC's are color coded so plug the orange connector into the orange receptical....
Is why PC manufacturers started doing this, unless the person is color blind or a brick, anyone can install/re-install a PC. If it does not work then call the IT dept.

I'm not IT but I function as one for our sales force. Most calls to our IT dept require the equipment to be sent in, or a password to be reset. They NEVER move anything for us.

Sound like you work for I Been Moved !

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Check out OfficeSpace software

by cajiun999 In reply to How does one manage moves ...

I realize this message was posted some time ago, but I thought in case anyone else was still having similar issues we might be able to help.

We've developed a space management tool that lets you manage internal moves more efficiently.

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