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How far Can PHP Handel Java and .Net operatrions?

By kii_kid ·
Salam alekom,
I work in government Facility and it have some good E-Service. And the number of users use the system reach thousands per day ,and the the access on the Database in the same moment reach hundreds of people.
the services are not complected so I thought I can develop them with PHP but one of the developer say you can't do it with PHP. he gave some reason but none of them were Convince.
the two reason that he have strong points are:
1-Java and .Net run like machine code so they are faster the PHP For big projects.
2-PHP don't have strong company that support it like Microsoft and Sun and it is an open source.
after a while I read that IBM and Zend made a test on PHP and DB2 to see the max number of connection can be done parallel and it was 10,000 connection.
so I thought that PHP can handle big projects that have thousands of transaction even if its slower than Java and .Net .But I need some Evidence that prove my point view.
So I hope if you can give me testing method or a calculation formula that give the maximum number of connection can be done depending on the server Proceesor, HD speed, database size and memory use.

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a couple of points

by Jaqui In reply to How far Can PHP Handel Ja ...

1-Java and .Net run like machine code so they are faster the PHP For big projects.

is bull crap, since they are both exactly like php and are interpreted. .net is a framework that ADDS expenses to any software using it.
The expense of buying MS Server, the expense of buying and maintaining anti virus, the expense of having to max the resources [ ram
and cpu ] on the machine running it to have it function reasonably quickly. The COST of the DOWNTIME of anything based on the UNRELIABLE MS platform.

2-PHP don't have strong company that support it like Microsoft and Sun and it is an open source.

Java is open source as well.
support for Java is exactly the same as for PHP, community based.

tell your colleague to actually look at the way the technologies work before he starts spewing garbage, an interpreted language and interpreted framework do not run as bytecode, until they compile into it, during execution.

PHP is as capable, connection wise, as YOU CODE IT TO BE. Bad code is bad code no matter what language. Java is bloated code, php isn't, but php is obviously a new technology for you, so you might be better off to really learn it on your own, by coding what your company need in php on your own system at home, then showing them the result, let the actual code show what it can do, if the php version is better, those who supported the java .net solution will look bad for lying about php.

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As Jaqui says, your colleague's statement is a tad inaccurate

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How far Can PHP Handel Ja ...

Windows hosting costs, which you need for .net are much higher than than say PHP through apache on a linux box.
Unless you are a completely and MS shop, it's hard to come up with valid business reason for doing this.
Support is a total red herring, support what, you web platorm, Apache and PHP have been out there for ages, loads of support, amssive user base, and loads of people who can do it.
In fact quantitatively and qualitiatively, support is much better for PHP than .net.

The only reason to consider and object based solution (java or .net), if if you already have one in place, and you needd that levelof fine grain control, or true threading within the page or some such.

As for being compiled, tell them to go back to class and this time pay attention.

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Consider all variables in the equation

by jorge.cordero In reply to How far Can PHP Handel Ja ...

1. Java and .Net compile the code as needed, so the
application gains speed after some time of use, and the
code is compiled and properly cached in RAM. With PHP
you can do the same thing with a properly configured

2. Maybe, but official support is not cheap, and probably
not as fast as community support. My experience with MS
is not good. Most of the software is a black box. If it
doesnt work as expected, nobody can do anything to fix it
quick. If you ran into a problem, better start looking for a
similar component or library who can do the job.

In my experience, if you know that your application will be
used by a lot of users, you must design it carefully, so it
can be deployed to more than one server. In this way,
more power can be added to your app easily and cheap.

Consider the cost and availability of human resources. I
do not like .Net but I have to recognize that is more easy
to find people who program the MS platform. The same
applies to running and support the app at production

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