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How many different jobs or vocations have you had during your life to date?

By jardinier ·
I will start the ball rolling with my contribution. These are in chronological order, and bear no relation whatsoever to the time spent in each job.

1. Driveway attendant.
2. Cadet radio engineer.
3. Journalist.
4. Trainee psychiatric nurse.
5. Picture framer.
6. Taxi-truck driver/furniture removalist.
7. Public service clerk.
8. Journalist (again).
9. Gardener.
10. Volunteer counsellor/social worker.
11. Busker (vocal and guitar).
12. Bookshop sales assistant.
13. IT novice.
14. Website publisher.

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Man, I seriously couldn't recall if I tried

by Oz_Media In reply to How many different jobs o ...

Honestly mate, I probably had that many different jobs in two years. I used to be a full on mover and shaker and never stayed put. I've probably started and either closed, failed or sold that many businesses too.

I was gonn start but everytime I thoughtof my first job, I realized I had another before it.

Oh well, lets just say a bunch and just about everything you can think of, including P/T self employed chimney sweep one winter and a mascot for a couple of Ikea Canada sponsored events when my brother ran it in Richmond(cool moose suit!)! I've owned two cartage and delivery companies. Roadied or co-managed tours around the world twice. THen there's the trades jobs and sales jobs, then management then...ah whatever.

It's been a life so far anyway!

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Similar list

by JamesRL In reply to How many different jobs o ...

Though if you include all the differnt types of jobs I've done in IT....

1. Farm Hand - grew up in the country, helped out the neighbours
2. Door to door dog tag salesman - high school summer job
3. Convenience store clerk - high school part time
4. Security Guard at movie theatre(showing rock movies friday and saturday at midnite) - University part time job
5. Political Assistant to a member or Parliament - University summer job
6. Project co-ordinator at a polling firm - university summer job
7. Telephone fundraiser for a political party - university summer job
8. Salesman at a camera store, worked up to assistant manager
9. Marketing assistant at a computer software company
10. Prospector at a brokerage firm(till the crash of 87)
11. Salesperson for computer software maker(Corel), Wholesaler(Ingram), Value Added reseller.
12. Independant computer consultant, Desktop publisher, trainer, computer journalist
13. Desktop support tech(took job to get in the door at Fortune 100 company)
14 Desktop project leader(same company)
15. Manager, IT Process assurance
16. Manager Desktop group
17 Manager Project management team

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Started out fun and it is again

by jdclyde In reply to How many different jobs o ...

Traveling with a band. What a blast. Ran lights and sometimes sound.

Did that for about a drunken decade until my kids were born, then I had to quit having fun and make a living.

Wood worker.
Metal Fabricator.
Cobol Programmer.
Unix Sys Admin.
Net Admin.

Now "Computer Systems Administrator" which means if it has to do with computers I am to blame. Hardware/Software/In-house training/Systems and Network Admin/Intranet/Wireless/Remote Access/Security/inovations. Just don't do the programming anymore unless you count HTML.

My best job is being called "DAD" by my twin boys, age 12.

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Let's see

by Packratt In reply to How many different jobs o ...

Not sure I'll recall all of them, but I'll try...

Please keep in mind that I started working at age 15 when I became homeless and worked my way through highschool and college as well.

In approximate chronological order (some were parallel; i.e. I held two or more jobs at the same time):

Animal Rescue Volunteer
Landscaping Site Supervisor / Landscaper
Pizza Delivery
Grocery Bagger
Car Wash Attendant
Warehouse Laborer
BBS Owner/Operator
Steelworker/Towmotor Operator
PC Technician
Help Desk Analyst/Supervisor
Datacomm Analyst
Systems Administrator
Network Analyst
Network Engineer
Writer (almost forgot this one, but not sure that the articles I wrote for this site count though)
Independent Contractor

I've been in IT for over 12 years now, 10 years of that dealing with network technology...

...I'm now trying to jump fields yet again because just as Steelworking became defunct in America as a career, so too is IT on that exact same path.

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Being a writer

by BFilmFan In reply to Let's see

I would say an article published here would qualify you as a published writer.

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Thanks, and I forgot...

by Packratt In reply to Being a writer

Thanks for clarifying that for me. I should have put amature in front of it though as three or four articles does not a writer make.

Oh, forgot to add my latest occupation:

IT Nomad

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by afram In reply to How many different jobs o ...

Did some data entry where my father worked &
Worked near LBI at a beach rental place.

As a student I was a Network Admin for Rutgers U (rah rah).

Right after graduating, I got a job as a produce boy which lasted 3 days before getting my first real IT job. It took almost 5 years to move from tech support to IT Manager (they always ask you "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" at the interview and no one ever answers "Behind your desk".)

Now I am IT Director of another company and am in the process of starting my own private computer company on the side.

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by JamesRL In reply to work

I once was asked that question when I was a desktop tech. I replied (naive fool that I was) that I wasn't sure, but I didn't want her job. She asked why, and I told her that I noticed how many meetings, how much bureaucracy, paperwork etc. was involved.

A few months later she went on a 3 week vacation and paid me back by making me her replacement, and I got a real taste by attending all her meetings, doing all the paper work, meeting with her boss etc.


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That's my favorite answer

by Oz_Media In reply to work

"In your chair" or looking at HIS boss, "in HIS chair"

I actually did it once, in four months. When I had applied and told the guy I wanted to be in HIS chair, he laughed but said he appreciated the hoensty. About 4 months later I was throwing out the plants he let die in his office and hanging my press shots of Iron Maiden on the wall.

I will never forget telling him I wanted his job that day and watching him chuckle "as if!"

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Job List

by erich1010 In reply to How many different jobs o ...

Pizza cook
Pizza cook
Burger flipper
Computer backup at a hospital
programmer for real estate computer system
burger flipper
System engineer, government
Project officer, government
Network engineer, government
System engineer, contractor, government
Security officer at healthcare company
Security architect, contractor, government

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