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How many hours and is it healthy?

By Oz_Media ·
Just watching a newspiece on a US network where they are discussing how much time is healthy spent on the internet. General opnion is that it is completely dependant on HOW it is used (which I agree to some extent).

So they say more than 11 hours per week indicates addiction. Well I'm on hour 9 today (bed ridden so that's my excuse)I guess by their standards I'm internet addicted.

What's funny as I often see friends who I would say are addicted to their computer and should get out more often They are mainly gamers and don't get out.

If I spend all day on IT sites, server checks email and some personal stuff (no not porn!) then am I getting more out of the internet and therefore have a positive addiction in contrast to the 24/7 'gamer'?

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You're a special case

by TheChas In reply to How many hours and is it ...

Oz, we all know that you are sick.

Just kidding.

You are no sicker than any of the rest of the core TR forum community.

I spend around 4 hours a night actively on-line. On the weekends, I often spend more time downloading my favorite comic strips and the latest file releases from a number of manufactures sites.

Like any addiction, the key factor is do you suffer withdrawal when you cannot get on-line.

If you can take a day off from time to time and not feel that you are missing out, you are not addicted.

I on the other hand, have to balance 2 addictions. Being on-line, and my penchant for long distance bicycle rides. A 100 mile bike ride sounds like a good idea almost any time.
(Well maybe not when it's below 40 degrees F or blizzard conditions.)
I've rode for over an hour at -10 F, and participated in several 24 hour rides.
(Between 4 and 5 AM is a fun time to ride!)

So, which one of us is sicker?


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Good point

by Oz_Media In reply to You're a special case

I used to ride a lot but when I lived in Vancouver I lived in a hilly region and bike riding was up and down no matter which direction you went. Where I am now would be good Mountain bike territory but the dirt bike gets me around a little (LOT) quicker.

As for being sick, I'd rather walk ten miles than wait ten minutes for a bus. I'd rather walk into town as opposed to drive. I fix cars for a living/hobby you'd think I was addicted to cars but prefer to walk, better for my back too.

When my laptop was left in Victoria last weekend I felt like I'd had my cablem telephone and heat cut off all at the same time, it was interesting to find that I didn't mind after about 24 hours but it was horrendous when I first realized it (2 1/2 hours out of Victoria).

I'm still online now, thats 14 hours with a few breaks, but I just reonstalled my OS so there's LOTS to do and plus I'm in bed for a few days so it passes time.

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Well I need HELP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How many hours and is it ...

With 29 hours without any mains power which meant no computers no internet I couldn't even get the DVD disk out of the player to return it from where it was hired I got the shakes and started sweating and requiring lots of fluids.

Well the last few are explainable as I live in Brisbane where it is regurally 30 + C and without any form of energy to run things it got a bit out of hand even the phones started shutting down.

But luckly for me they got power restored just in time for me to download all 395 incoming e-mails and resopond as required plug back in the fridge and frezer and things like that and get the AC back up and running.

Now this Geek who is currently sitting within 3 feet of 8 computers all running different OS's has just spent 5 hours straight on the net and I'm finially about ready to shut down this terminal or at least log off the net for a few hours sleep because I couldn't have any previously as we where constantly getting anything from 56 VAC to 120 VAC and not our required 240 VAC supplied so everything had to be shut down and unpluugged. And because the fridge was involved I couldn't let the drinks get warm could I?

Maybe that just got everything fixed in time for our next Thunder Storm as these are normal things stinking hot days followed by severe thunder stormes at the early evening. So with a bit of luck I'll have some mains power after the next storm instead of sitting in the dark hungry and wanting to get my work finished.


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Adelaide - now that's healthy

by HereInOz In reply to Well I need HELP

Off topic, I know, Col, but come and live in Adelaide - 21 degrees C with a gentle sea breeze - beautiful one day - perfect the next.


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I think that is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Adelaide - now that's hea ...

Susposed to be Queerslands advertising line as we are susposed to be the "Sunshine State"


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Bed ridden...

by GuruOfDos In reply to How many hours and is it ...

Nothing serious we hope!

Chin up!


BTW, anything in excess of 168 hours a week on the internet INDICATES a problem :-0

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Will live unfortunately

by Oz_Media In reply to Bed ridden...

Well as a kid I had a spinal column disease where the front of the vertebrae grew faster then the back, causing sway back. It all got caught up over time but it only takes a very minor thing like stepping off a curb wrong, missing a stair etc. to trigger the spasms again.
Another reason I decided not to lug transmissions and engines in and out full time anymore.

Back pain is the most retarded thing to deal with but a week on a stiff bed works wonders.

As for the 168 hours, good thing I defragged last night and put the notbook down for a few minutes!

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GoD you are wicked

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Bed ridden...

But of course you already know that don't you?

I can just see the cogs turning over in you're head with a cleaver thing to come out at some stage and you're wrong about the 168 hours in front of a computer when it reaches well in excess of 250 hours you need major help. But several years of threapy should eventually cure you of the need to spend that much time in front of a computer unless of course you need to work those hours to pay for the threapy!


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Where do you keep your Tartus

by TheChas In reply to Bed ridden...

I thought 168 hours looked like a suspicious number.

Of course to reach that number you either need to have multiple physical personalities, or be Dr. Who.

Reminds me of AOL's US ad campaigns.
They offer so large a number of free hours that one would need to be on-line 24/7 in order to even come close to using them all.


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Chas it is spelt TARDIS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Where do you keep your Ta ...

And stands for "Time And Reltive Dimensions In Space."

My God what is the world coming to when I start correcting spelling mistakes?


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