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How many of you have met in real the people you first talked to online?

By DanLM ·
I ask this question for a couple reasons to be truthfull.
1). There are so many news stories about all the things that can go wrong, and do when you meet someone for real after talking to them online. That the positive things that can happen should be explored, and how you should go about it if you do decide to meet someone(If you are of age).
2). I actually have met several people that I first talked to online. Shoot, current girlfriend that I moved to another state to be with. And marry.
3). I have talked to several people that have done this, and had no bad experiences. Shoot, I know a guy that flew into America from Australia because he always wanted to see it. And stayed with everyone he knew from online. He is planning to do it again.
4). The people that I have met for real, I have become closer friends with. I even went and helped a couple of them paint their apartment. Lol, and chipped in money for more paint cause they were tight. And it was worth it.

With all the things we have been discussing lately that are so down and, well depressing. I thought an upbeat topic would be nice for a change.

Eh, I've been meaning to post this for awhile. And just kind of blew it off, cause I didn't know if anyone would be willing to discuss it.


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Only a few

by jmgarvin In reply to How many of you have met ...

I met a guy in Germany back in the mid 90's...we played Dragon's Eye together and decided to hang out and a have couple beers one time.

I should have met up with neilb whilst in London, but alas, my poor mind left me and I forgot to shoot him a message!

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I have never met anyone

by jdclyde In reply to How many of you have met ...

But I have received care packages and even trans-atlantic phone calls on my birthday.

I have even had offers to stay with a few, to see some of the local sites and such. One of the best offers I have ever gotten and would love to follow up on would take me back to Toronto.

Would be cool to get to see it from a locals point of view.

Not dating at all right now, between school and the changing custody "issues" I have been dealing with. So looking for someone on-line isn't in the cards.

If you can get past the false image people put up when they are on-line, it seems people actually open up more, so when you do meet them you know more about them than if you had originally met face-to-face. Not to mention, everything is based less on physical appearances.

Cool that your situation has worked out so well for you.

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I really didn't mean opposite sex

by DanLM In reply to I have never met anyone

Even though most of the people the opposite sex that I have met to this point. With the way Laura and I have been going lately, that will change. I'm sure we will be meeting alot more of our online friends.

I had the pleasure of going to Montreal to meet one of my online friends. I would never have gone there if it wasn't for visiting her. That was such a beautiful city, I want to go back and explore it again. Her being able to show me places, explain to me about its historic background and things just made it so much more enjoyable. Shoot, her being able to explain both the politics and ethnic backgrounds of the area made it enjoyable too. Lol, even if I was held at the border for 2 hours while they searched my card. That trip was one of the most enjoyable I can think of.


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I meant both

by jdclyde In reply to I really didn't mean oppo ...

(someone keep mae away for a little bit)

The Kanuck trip is not female, and NOT sexual (mae).

I do think I am going to have to go to **** and buy NB a beer sometime as well.

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Heres a chance

by JamesRL In reply to I meant both

My monster in law is visiting(another discussion there for sure) and has asked (almost demanded) that next year we return the favour and visit her in LALALAND (Los Angeles).

I can't afford to fly the whole family (wife and three kids), so I will be driving across America.

I don't think I will be heading through Northern Michigan though my inlaws avoided Detroit and crossed at Sarnia.

But I welcome the chance to have a beer here and there, and some route planning advice would be welcomed as well. We will be attempting to stay in inexpensive motels, and doing little but some siteseeing along the way (grand canyon, maybe Santa Fe).

I've got a year to plan. We could have some fun.

The shortest route according to mapquest goes through Nebraska......what can I say.....


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A thought

by Tig2 In reply to Heres a chance

Consider what/who you WANT to see on the trip. Connect the dots.

I've done this a couple of times and enjoyed the trip so much more.

If you decide to do the Grand Canyon thing, a bit of warning. On the Arizona side EVERYTHING is very pricey. While I realise that it may not be practical to bring camping gear, if you can it is worth doing.

I can almost guarentee that a condition I refer to as "hyper-sceneria" will set in. The canyon is beautiful and worth seeing, but after awhile, overload sets in.

LA is, at least to me, a non-starter. I am from that area, live in MN now, won't go back. I used to be that going east from LA toward San Bernadino was a pleasant trip. As it has been 10 years, I can't recommend that any longer. I hear that the freeways have gotten significantly worse. But I understand that is a required destination.

Try to avoid Pacific Coast Highway if that is at all an option. It is difficult for the locals to drive.

If you find yourself in MN, let me know. Onbliss is in the same general area.

Oh! Time of year will change the "shortest route" depending on which you were planning to take. If I were to drive to CA from here, for example, I would drop straight down to Texas and take I40 through (encompasses part of old Route 66) assuming that it is between October or November and March. In the Spring (March to October), I might choose another route. NeverBusted would have the best information.

One thing that I have found in my various travels- truckstops are your friend. Generally good and friendly people.

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Summer thing for next year.

by JamesRL In reply to A thought

I've driven around town on most of my business trips - Raleigh, Dallas, Birmingham, Portland(OR), Chicago, san Diego. I've driven around Lake Erie on vacation(Buffalo, Cleveland, Sandusky, Detroit, Port Huron and across).

But I haven't done the cross country in the US - I recently drove to the east coast in Canada.

I like the idea of Route 66, but I have to balance speed and scenery :)

I do have to go to LA, or at least San Dimas(so I will avoid downtown for the most part). I may chose a different route on the way back so that I maximize my scenery.

My wife is not a camping fan, while I am. We may compromise with KOA cabins. I don't mind motels for overnights.

I'd love to drive sections of the Pacific Coast Highway, but not on this trip.

For grand Canyon, I would probably stop an hour away to avoid the expensive accomodations, see what I can in half a day, then continue on our way.

The end goal is to get to LA so our inlaws can spoil my kids. Disney would be on the agenda


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If you are going to San Dimas

by Tig2 In reply to Summer thing for next yea ...

Consider coming in through Yuma on I10 or through San Bernadino. You will be stuck on I10 if you get anywhere near it after 2PM, Mon-Sat. No kidding. Get off the highway if it's stacked and make a right on Archibald, Mountain, Central, or Indian Hill. Get in the left lane and head for the mountains (north) until you get to Foothill. Make a left.

Foothill can have traffic but if 10 is a mess, it is a good way out of it.

Disney is a good plan. I used to work there. I know that Disney World is considered to be so much better... but I grew up there and remember Disney through the years. Good memories!

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truck stops

by jdclyde In reply to A thought

Flying J's are all over the place, and generally highly rated among truckers because they are cleaner and newer.

gas is usually the best price there as well (at least the ones I have seen).

They have wifi accounts, by the month. If they are on your route, you don't have to worry about finding an open access point if you want to check directions or weather.

this will help as well.

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Flying J

by JamesRL In reply to truck stops

I've used a flying J near Napanee Ontario.

In fact, I've gotten food poisoning there.....

The gas usually is a great price though.


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