How often should I audit my department file share?

By bjohnson_epiclp ·
Does anyone have experience in how long it takes you to audit your file share? I would like to get an estimate on the time it could take and how long I should be spending on file share auditing for my department. I also would like to know how large I should let my audit logs get before reviewing them. I don't want to spend too much time unless it is necessary to keep things running smoothly. Thank you.
Also, I am new to this forum and forums in general, please let me know if I am doing this incorrectly. If the answer already exists on this forum, please respond with some keywords to find it or a link. Thanks.

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Not sure exactly what you are asking

by robo_dev In reply to How often should I audit ...

At a real high level, many companies do some sort of annual review of exactly who has access to certain resources.

So, for example, if certain users are assigned to a particular share, then whoever is in charge of that data takes a look at the access list and validates that it is appropriate.

In terms of audit logs, most people periodically take a look at the audit logs to validate that the log process is working, and only actually review them if there is a specific need, such as a security incident.

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Reponse To Answer

by bjohnson_epiclp In reply to Not sure exactly what you ...

Thanks for your response, I was just looking for how often most people will check the access logs for the file share. Our IT head doesn't like my original response for daily, and wants to see if anyone else is checking them less often.

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