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How should a good president fight terrorism?

By Aldanatech ·
I've noticed that a lot of times when someone has something nice to say about Bush or when his supporters defend him from critics, their arguments tend to be based on the imagined moral superiority of a president who has done virtually nothing worth bragging about. One of the major pluses he is credited for are his actions after 9/11. Well, lets compare what the actions of a good president would be compared to those of President Bush?s right after 9/11:

A good President: Order an immediate, independent investigation on the causes and ways to prevent another one. Other tragedies of our nation?s history such Pearl Harbor, and the assassination of president Kennedy called in for independent investigations so find out how they happened and how we can prevent them from happening again.

President Bush: While Democrats (and some Republicans) in Congress called such an investigation, Bush opposed it, literally doing everything in his power to keep a 9/11 investigation from ever occurring. Soon after the attacks, Vice President Cheney asked Congressional leaders to not call for an independent investigation; and when the American people began to press Bush, he appointed Henry Kissinger to head the panel. This was like a bad joke, given that Kissinger has made a career out of keeping secrets. If Bush didn't want information to get out about 9/11, Kissinger was just the guy. It was such a ridiculous appointment that Kissinger had to quit.

1) A good President: Call for national sacrifice in the face of a new kind of war.

President Bush: Bush recurrently used the 9/11 attacks as an excuse for his own economic failures, saying the attacks and subsequent military actions are the reason he has turned a record-breaking federal surplus into a record-breaking federal deficit. The real reason of our debt is his enormous and irresponsible tax cuts. His solution is another enormous tax cut. Where's the call for sacrifice? Aren't Americans patriotic enough to do more with less in a time of war? Can't the super wealthy do without the few tens of thousands of dollars more they'll get every year from Bush's tax cuts, so we can continue to provide essential services while bring down our enemies? Which brings me to:

2) A good President: Bring down our enemies.

President Bush: Bush brought down the Taliban ruling. Well that was an okay move, but his war strategy has had a number of notable failures. The first and most obvious is that he never found Osama bin Laden. The 9/11 mastermind is still out there. He is probably planning new attacks, and almost certainly funding his terrorist network. What's more, Bush left Afghanistan in ruins, with a weak government that has no power outside the capital and the rest of the country controlled by warring warlords. These are exactly the conditions that made Afghanistan fall to the Taliban in the first place, making it the perfect home for terrorist training camps.

And then Bush abandoned Afghanistan to attack Iraq, which by the way has no connection to the war on terror and did not represent an immediate threat to the United States. Besides, there are many other countries such as Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia that provide fertile ground for terrorism. North Korea on the other hand does admit that it has WMDs and does threaten us to use them if we ever mess with them. Now, is Saddam Hussein a bad guy? Would the world be a better place without him leading Iraq? Yes and yes. But why now, when there are so many more imminent threats to Americans?

3) A good President: Work to eliminate the root causes of terrorism, using more than military action. Why do terrorists exist in the first place? The starving, uneducated populaces of countries like Pakistan make the perfect conditions for terrorist breeding, as people are taught to hate our country and use violence against innocent targets.

President Bush: Has done just about nothing. What do we accomplish if we simply kill and capture the terrorists that exist now? Terrorism is a hydra: kill one terrorist and two sprout up in his or her place. The task of truly ending terrorism once and for all involves a fundamental shift in the way we do business in this world. It would take a concerted effort to spread prosperity; something Bush has shown no willingness to do.

4) A good President: Join our allies and forge new friendships around the world.

President Bush: Almost completely destroyed the good will of the world towards us. Newspapers all over the world proclaimed, "Today, we are all Americans" on September 12th. Our allies and even some enemies showed their solidarity. Since the attacks, Bush has completely wasted all of this good will, turning the whole world against us. He has broken treaties, insulted our closest friends, and bullied other countries into submission. While some governments are cooperating with him, the people of the world stand virtually unanimous in condemning our president.

5) A good President: Protect civil liberties.

President Bush: Restricted them wherever possible. With the help of a compliant Congress, Bush quickly passed new restrictions on civil liberties. He has held U.S. citizens without charging them -- the ultimate violation of our Constitutional rights.

So what has President Bush done that no other president could have accomplished? Very little and wasted an immense opportunity to do great things for our nation and the world. Do you agree? What is your opinion regarding this issue?

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