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How tacky can you get?

By puppybreath ·
The liberals can't even go to a funeral without turning it into a political circus.

Instead of celebrating the life and achievements of Coretta Scott King, let's slam the President and current administration.

How can anyone respect these opportunists? "Hey look! Another camera! What I can say to get my name in the headlines? Maybe I'll get invited to a talk show!"

A sad commentary on what's important to the liberals. It sure isn't respect and dignity during a solemn occasion.

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President Bush

by maxwell edison In reply to How tacky can you get?

President Bush has more class in the tip of his little finger than the entire leadership of the entire Democrat Party and/or quasi Democrat Party affiliations put together.

(With the lone exception of Senator Joe Lieberman, who also has a lot of class.)

President Bush stands tall, stands firm, and remains respectful regardless of the mud thrown at him or by whom. The stark difference is amazing.

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The only Dem who wasn't stupid at the SOU was Lieberman.

by X-MarCap In reply to President Bush

The entire Democratic Party in Congress with the exception of Lieberman was acting like it was a great thing that Social Security reform was blocked. The Democrats will continue to try to keep Bush from being the President who saves Social Security.

The Lack of class and nastiness is unparalleled in the last 50 years.

The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to fix Social Security.


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by puppybreath In reply to President Bush

I think Eleanor Roosevelt said it best:

Great minds discuss ideas,
Average minds discuss events,
Small minds discuss people.

Seems like the conservatives spend their time on ideas and what's wrong with the country and the liberals spend their time bashing Bush and his administration.

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Very well said, puppybreath

by maxwell edison In reply to Quote

And quite accurate, I might add.

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Ironic though

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Very well said, puppybrea ...

That the quote was from Eleanor Roosevelt. She was known as a liberal Democrat, and her husband, FDR, was the one that greatly expanded the Federal Government with the New Deal and started Social Security, starting the whole big mess with a huge government, high taxes, and huge deficits. We would be a lot better off today if we did not have the New Deal and LBJ's poorly-named "Great Society" programs.

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On FDR - Another one of my dilemmas

by maxwell edison In reply to Ironic though

I believe that FDR was the worst president in American history for the sole reason he started the United States on the road to socialism. Read the American Socialist Party platform of 1932, and you couldn't tell it wasn't the Democrat Party platform of today. And one of FDR's vice presidents was actually a socialist! The only reason Roosevelt's Democrat Party didn't outwardly embrace socialism is only because of the "S-Word", and it wasn't politically expedient. I honestly believe that Roosevelt was a closet socialist, and he along with his merry band of socialist misfits actually infiltrated the Democrat Party to advance their socialist agenda.

On the other hand, Roosevelt was a great war time president.

But thinking out-loud, here, maybe he wasn't that great. Maybe if someone else was in the White House between 1932 and 1940, not only could we have avoided planting all those socialist seeds, but the entire European and Japanese build-up to the war would have been different. What if ....... ?

Okay, Dilemma solved. FDR was the worst - period. Not only did he start the American flavor of socialism, but he single-handedly created the environment for World War II to start. Yea, that's the ticket. He was a conniving and diabolical socialist, who actually wanted that war! (Some might say that's right-on.) And he WAS, after all, very dishonest with the American people. He WAS dishonest, as he hid his disability!

And what would have happened if Harry Truman (I love Harry Truman) wouldn't have ended the thing?

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We must thank God..

by Montgomery Gator In reply to On FDR - Another one of m ...

...that FDR chose Harry S Truman as his last VP instead of the socialist guy. Who was the socialist VP, and for which of FDR's term did he serve? Harry S Truman was the last of the good Democrat presidents. JFK was OK, his supply-side tax cuts were an excellent idea that Reagan borrowed, but Truman was better.

Sometimes it seems that God has put certain people in certain places for certain times. Truman seems to have been one of those. George Washington is another. I believe that Washington was protected by God during many battles in both the French and Indian War and the War of Independence, so that he would be our first president. Washington was often in the thick of the fighting in both wars, with horses shot from under him, men wounded and dying around him, and bullet holes through his hat and coat, but not once was he wounded by a bullet or shrapnel. A little ironic that Washington's picture is on the Purple Heart medal when he was never wounded in battle.

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Henry Wallace was V.P. from 1941 - 1945

by maxwell edison In reply to We must thank God..

Roosevelt dumped Wallace in favor of Harry Truman for the 1944 election. Wallace's extreme far-left desires even frightened the liberal Democrats of the day.

In 1948, Wallace actually ran for president on the Progressive Party ticket. (Progressive Party - Sound familiar?) And he was actually endorsed by the American Communist Party in that '48 election.

On your last paragraph - GWB is another.

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Oh please Max

by JamesRL In reply to On FDR - Another one of m ...

I might grant you your argument about the initiation of American socialism, though these things are never the work of one individual, even a president. But to posit that he created the environment for WWII to start? Absolute and utter poppycock. The primary instigator of the European war was the Nazi movment which started after WWI, when FDR was still a political neophyte. If you want to look at the cause of the conditions which lead to the rise of the Nazi party, look at the victors of WWI and the terms of the peace - they utterly ravaged the German economy setting up the seeds of resentment in Germany - opening the way for a nationalistic movement.

You think Hitler was socialist? Why did he have so much support among German Capitalists and even the former monarchists (who helped him convince the elected leader to step aside in 1933)?

Have you read Conrad Black's book on FDR? Conrad Black is one of the world's top capitalists and an arch conservative. Conrad thinks FDR is a hero for taking the US out of its isolationist stance and making it a superpower.


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James - My silly message

by maxwell edison In reply to Oh please Max

My message made only one real and valid point, and that's to acknowledge the beginnings of American socialism (which took only the first paragraph). It just kinda' grew from there to be sarcastic and silly.

From the point where I said, "But thinking out-loud...", I suppose I should have put in the normal disclaimer "sarcasm alert", but I didn't really think anyone would be taking me seriously.

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