How to add a user from a networked vista machine onto xp permission?

By lou_boumian ·
I have networked an xp pro desktop with a Vista business laptop.
For some of the shared folders of the XP box, I want to set the permission to include a specific user from the networked vista machine.
When I go to the folder Properties / Security / Permission / Select Users or Group and click on Locations, all I see is the XP box, so I cannot select any specific user (i.e. restrict to the administrator) from the Vista laptop.
The 2 machines are however communicating fine and I am able to exchange files between eachother but I have to add the user "everybody" with "full control" on the XP permission to be able to write from the laptop on a shared folder of the XP machine and I don't like this config. Not secure. Any idea how to add specific user from a networked machine on a shared xp folder?

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Create the same user

by IC-IT In reply to How to add a user from a ...

name on the XP system that is on the Vista system i.e. if BillyBob on Vista create a new XP user BillyBob. Then set the permissions.

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Can't modify Read only property

by lou_boumian In reply to Create the same user

Thanks bwilmot,
I did that but any xp machine Doc or Excel I open from Vista appears as Read Only in Word and Excel, even if transfer ownership to the XP user that bears the same name as the Vista user. Strangely, the property of the file does not show read only when checked from xp or vista explorer. But I can't save from my laptop onto the xp machine shared folders. So, something is wrong in my config but I have no idea what...

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