How to convert PDF to Word - including proper footnotes

By michael.blakeley ·
Does anyone know of a way to convert PDF to word in a way which it will also include the footnotes.

Adobe 8 proffessional and various softwares that I have tried convert them but they then put them in as part of the text. So if you then insert further text etc the footnores move onto the top of the next page etc.

I am currently being forced to cut and paste the footnotes form the bottom of the page and putting them in at the ned of the document as end notes, which as you can expect for huge docs is not fun.

If anyone knows of a quicker way of doing this or program which can do this for me, I would be most grateful.


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Have you tried this

by Bizzo In reply to How to convert PDF to Wor ...

A tutorial for Acrobat 7, showing how to save as DOC/RTF/XML etc

Hope it helps.

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Why not just edit the PDF from the inside ? . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to convert PDF to Wor ...

Converting PDF to Word, editing the document as a Word file, then presumably, converting back to PDF.

Although you didn't say that - can I take it that is what you are doing?

Why not just take the simple path and edit the PDF?

If you use even the smallest Adobe installation, you will be looking at a component size of at least 94.5MB. The professional installation will grow to over 130MB.

By contrast, 'Foxit PDF Reader' is less than 4MB.

Go to this link and download 'Foxit'.

Once it is installed, pick a PDF of your choice and elect to edit it. Foxit will then invite you to download the 'Foxit PDF Editor' which is a fast, automatic download.

Once this is installed you can edit the PDF from within, without having to convert it to anything. That way you literally get a WYSIWYG screen, - AND it's already in PDF format.

Foxit works on very much the same principles as QuarkXPress - the printing industry standard for typesetting. So you may find some unfamiliarity with the operating procedures. But if I can still enjoy it after 30 years in the print trade, it'll probably seem really exciting for someone hitting it for the first time!

PLUS - depending on which Adobe system you've been using - you get to save up to 150MB of hard drive space by junking Adobe completely!

Hope this helps.

<Edited for clarity>

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