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How to Get around shared .DOC and .XLS

By chiangchien ·
Have you ever noticed the annoying window that pops up when you try to open a microsoft office file that someone is already in? It asks you if you would like to open a read-only copy. Is there any way around this? The main reason why this pops upfor our company is when we look at our to-do lists. They are in Excel format and the bosses are always adding to them while we try to complete them. Therefore, the file-sharing/access problem occurs rather frequently. Does anyone know of either away around this issue or a good to-do program that avoids or provides the solution? Please advise as I would like to get this issue of my to-do list soon! Thank you.

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How to Get around shared .DOC and .XLS

by Some Guy In reply to How to Get around shared ...

In Excel, you the option under Tools to Share Workbook. Look at the help on Share Workbook. I think that will give you what you want. That option does not appear in Word.

Outlook has the ability to assign a task(to-do) and track it. Try playing with the tasks function and see if that gives you what you want.

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