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    How to keep an idiot happy


    by neil higgins ·

    Here at family HQ,as it’s a weekend,we like to party,get drunk,and usually annoy all the neighbours by playing loud music,Guns and Roses,Oasis,Mozart,you get the idea.Then I found this link on the internet.Should go down a breeze at the office party….:)

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      During the weekend,

      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to How to keep an idiot happy

      I like to undermine the foundations of the noisy buggers next door so that when I finally move out the rope attached to the towbar of my car will pull their bloody house down!

      Where is it you live, Neil?

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        Sure cure

        by mjd420nova ·

        In reply to During the weekend,

        I found the perfect solution, start with a 3 pound enpty coffee can. Cut the can in half vertically and mount the halfs on either side
        of an “E” shaped piece of wood so that the
        middle leg of the “E” is sticking up in the middle of the can. Run two wires up either side of the wooden leg and connect to the hot side of any old ignition spark coil. The primary side can be driven by a pulse generator or even an
        old lantern battery will work, last ditch
        just connect positive and negative to a car
        battery and just brush the lead on the terminal.
        Turn on a small radio, any band, and hear the effect. It can be directional and will wipe out a large spectrum of broadcasts, and even cause
        screaching in overly long speaker wires. This
        effect can be even more pronounced if the
        coffee can is rusty. It is important not to touch any of the plug side wiring of the can
        unless you like to be severely jolted.

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        Where I live

        by neil higgins ·

        In reply to During the weekend,

        is about two miles from Birmingham airport,on the Solihull border.I can see and hear those “thunderous monsters” scream overhead,before they land at the airport.My nearest neighbours are deaf,due to all the loud “music”.The noise abaitment act does’nt apply,as “YOU CAN’T HEAR YOURSELF THINK,AT THE BEST OF TIMES!!” 🙂

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          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to Where I live

          My cousin Ralph and his wife Stella live in Solihull. I wonder if he can hear you and all that noise. 🙂

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      HA! I won!

      by jkameleon ·

      In reply to How to keep an idiot happy

      Reason: I was booting Linux on Virtual PC in the background, and everything on my computer slowed to a crawl.

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        I won…

        by andrew.moore ·

        In reply to HA! I won!

        Reason, I tabbed until the button highlighted and then pressed Space

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      Oh thats hillarious!

      by beads ·

      In reply to How to keep an idiot happy

      Now to send that link out to a “favourite few” – lol.

      – beads

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      Similar Fun Stuff

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to How to keep an idiot happy

      Back in the Windows 3x days, there was a perogram that would move any icon away from the mouse cursor. You could still launch the program by double-clicking on the origianl location of the icon — if you could remember where that was.

      There is also one that does the same with the start button on the WIN XP task bar. It’s called avoid.exe, and you can find it on various sites dedicated to funny jokes. Note: if you have anti-malware software installed, it will probably get upset by this.

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      kinda like…

      by jck ·

      In reply to How to keep an idiot happy

      You know how to keep an idiot in suspense????

      … ]:)

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