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How to provide links to articles and webpages?

By onbliss ·
Say, I read a good article in a website and I want to share it in a message board or public forums, I do some of the following:

Option 1
1) I Provide a link
2) Then, I provide the website name. For example, I say : "Source:"
3) If there is an author, I mention the name.

Option 2
1) I do all of the items in Option 1.
2) Copy and paste the entire article or provide an excerpt.

Am I sharing information in the best possible manner? What are your opinions and suggestions?

And, what is your suggestion for sharing (providing links) to images?


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Copy and Paste

by Old Guy In reply to How to provide links to a ...

I just copy and paste the whole info in the address line from the page that I would want them to start on. Something like:**7482

Is that what you are talking about? Of course, if there is a specific author you would probably want to add his name prior to the link.

If it doesn't provide a hyperlink they can just click on then they can copy and paste your info in to the address bar of the Internet.

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An abstract

by DC Guy In reply to How to provide links to a ...

Remember all those book reports they made you write in school? The purpose was to teach you how to write an abstract.

If you give us a link and 20 people follow it, you've just asked 20 people to read the entire article. That's not very kind and it's a huge waste of time. Very few people will find it as interesting as you did. They would prefer to see the highlights and then decide whether they want to bother reading the whole thing.

If instead you take the fifteen minutes to write an abstract, 200 people might read it. Most of them will get just as much out of it as they would get out of the original, and the few others will go read the original. Everyone's time will be used more efficiently.

I have never followed a link from a BBS. I suppose I might have missed a couple of things I would have enjoyed reading, but I was not about to look at all of them in order to find the ones I might like.

There are not enough hours in the day to follow URLs.


Posting the entire article doesn't help, either. It's still too long.

A bulletin board is for bulletins, not articles.

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I agree in principle, but

by Sterling "chip" Camden Contributor In reply to An abstract

I don't think it is necessary to write a full abstract. A sentence or two describing what is to be found at the link (a teaser, if you will) is enough. If my intro piques their interest, they can follow the link and read or scan the original. There isn't enough time in the day to write a formal abstract for everything you'd like to share. And just because you follow the link doesn't mean you have to read the whole article. Did you ever read "How to Read a Book", by Mortimer J. Adler? Scan for the good stuff, and only read it all if it's all important.

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About Copying and Pasting

by noyoki In reply to How to provide links to a ...

Also, if people are counting who is reading which articles, pasting the entire article, as well as turning off some readers, screws this up as noone goes to the link. Why would they? They've just read what they came to see.

The other caveat to posting the whole thing, is that those who are making money by "showing ads" to the people passing through their site and/or reading their articles, are missing opportunities to "show" a person an ad, and therefore missing a chance to make a few cents, possibly to cover bandwidth costs, etc. Depends, some places pay per view, some pay only when the ad is clicked on. But if no one sees it, neither happen. (I'm not saying this is right, wrong, annoying, whatever, just that it is what it is.)

I think, depending on where you/the creator live, you can also get into trouble for posting the whole thing, even WITH citing the name.

The best bet is to take a piece of the article, either the piece you found most interesting or most relevant to what you are writing about, quote that in your summary/explination and then link to the rest.

As far as pictures, to link to a pic, just right click it and select "copy link location". This will give you a link that you can paste that will point directly to the picture. But as stated above with text, there are people that have issues with this.

Fair warning, it is best to skim the site, some people don't want you to link directly to them, as they may not have the bandwidth to support it. Unless this is stated however, I'd tend to go with the approach above.

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by Old Guy In reply to How to provide links to a ...

I stated copy and paste the address information as a link not the whole article.

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I was...

by noyoki In reply to Links

referring to the original post, not yours. (Or it would have been threaded under your post.) Sorry for the confusion.

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Cut him some slack

by jdclyde In reply to I was...

after all, he IS old!

Although, I took it more as he was refering to himself about himself to clarify his first post.

Note to TOG, (hee hee) You can EDIT your previous posts!

Have a grand day! B-)

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A visit

by Old Guy In reply to Cut him some slack

I guess Guido can see you too after he visits M_A_R_K!! It's OG OG OG. I'm not sure what a TOG is and probably don't want to know. :)

But, although I have to wade through all this abuse I can still be B-).

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But you ARE a TOG!

by gadgetgirl In reply to A visit

you're of the age when you can qualify to listen to this guy if you're in the UK......



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by Old Guy In reply to But you ARE a TOG!

That is not cool! I don't qualify for TOG (at least, not in most of it..) You can usually find me with my kids in Youth Group. (Whew, thank goodness they are cool--helps my appearance)

I guess I'm not as old as I thought. Hmmm, does this mean I need to change my name again?? What could it be?

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