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    How to Stop XP reboot loop?


    by waynecop ·

    My XP Home Edition all of a sudden started showing the Screen that allows you to start with the Last Known Good configuration, or gives you the opportunity to start in Safe Mode. It says it can’t start probably because of a recent hardware or software change. In any mode I choose from this screen, it looks like it loads several drivers, then a blue screen flashes with writing on it, but before I can read it, the screen goes black and the system restarts returning me back to the first screen I mentioned above.

    How can I get it to not restart, so I can read the blue screen? It won’t even start in Safe Mode and I don’t have a backup saved. I really don’t want to have to do a System Recovery and go back to the factory installation by re-formating the hard drive. Anyone got a pointers?

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      by waynecop ·

      In reply to How to Stop XP reboot loop?

      I contacted HP and they sent me a Recovery Console CD to boot with. After selecting the option to Repair a Windows Installation, I ran chkdsk /r on the drive Windows was installed. The damaged files were repaired and the system booted normally.

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