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How To Support Your Candidate - Whomever It May Be

By maxwell edison ·
Okay, partisan snipes aside, I suggest we ALL show support for our candidate of choice in a civil manner. And to show my sincerity behind this suggestion, I've come up with the following proposal:

If you support George W. Bush, drive your automobile with your headlights ON during the day.

If you support John Kerry, however, drive your automobile with the headlights OFF at night.

There ya' go.

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How about I don't drive my car.

by tbragsda In reply to How To Support Your Candi ...
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Then that means you vote for noone

by Garion11 In reply to How about I don't drive m ...
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You got me.

by tbragsda In reply to Then that means you vote ...
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That would be a Nader vote. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to How about I don't drive m ...

They're always operating in the dark anyway.

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What about new cars?

by Oz_Media In reply to How To Support Your Candi ...

Newer cars have daytime running lights. This would them make EVERYONE who could pass aircare a Bush voter. A bit of an oxymoron really.

Should walkers carry a flashlight?

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LOL....Good one Max!! HAHAHA Nice.

by TomSal In reply to How To Support Your Candi ...
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The other way around

by TheChas In reply to How To Support Your Candi ...

Sorry Max, I think you have the candidates reversed.

The Bush administration would be the ones to drive at night without their lights on.
They don't care to see what lies on the road ahead.
Nor, do they want the US public to see what they are up to in the light of day.

John Kerry on the other hand would be apt to drive with his lights on during the day.
He wants to see what lies ahead, review new information, and adjust the nations course based on current, not outdated, information.


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Chas - one of us

by maxwell edison In reply to The other way around

One of us is missing our own headlights............and it ain't me.

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Not my first choice

by TheChas In reply to Chas - one of us

My short list of people I would gladly support for President includes:

John McCain,

Libby Dole,

Colin Powell

John Kerry is near the bottom of the list.

GWB and many others are not even on the list.

Whether it is this January, or 4 years from now, I personally will feel MUCH safer, secure, and free when GWB and his cronies are out of power.

By the way, if you think I am opposed to GWB, you should hear my daughter talk.
She could not even stand to stay in the room when Bush was speaking during the third debate.

And no, I do not spout out my negative opinion of GWB at home to my wife or children.

I do know that my mother and at least 1 of my nephews are very opposed to GWB.


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Swinging voter perhaps ?

by jardinier In reply to How To Support Your Candi ...

Of course it's not my election. But my Volvo has driving lights that are on all the time -- day or night.

So I guess this would apply to many Volvo drivers in America (these lights can be disconnected, but most people are happy to leave them at the factory setting).

So I am giving you the opportunity to have a swipe at Volvo drivers AND uncommitted voters, all in the one hit.

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