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How was your 4th of July?

By ccthompson ·
Mine was good!

Took the Camaro to the annual 4th of July car show. Won 3rd place trophy in my class(1958-1968 cars)! 1st Place went to a 67 Chevelle SS, that looked like it just got off the assembly line, very...very...clean. 2nd Place went to a red Ford Fairlane, not sure what year.

After the show, alot of the classic cars stuck around and cruised a bit through town, alot of smoking tire, loud barks from the tires tying to get traction, great time!

Went to eat, then watch a decent fireworks display. All in all, I would have to say that it wasnt a bad day. The muscle cars were out, ladies were wearing almost nothing, so yea, it was good!

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by DMambo In reply to How was your 4th of July?

In my town, the celebration and fireworks were postponed because of thunderstorms. Now scheduled for this coming Saturday, but I'll be out of town, so we'll miss it.

Fortunately, my fireworks-loving brother-in-law took a ride to New Hampshire to buy some pyotechnics, and my kids had a mini-display in my back yard.

Since my work had a holiday scheduled for Monday as well, it was a nice long weekend.

Thanks for asking!

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by Tig2 In reply to How was your 4th of July?

My partner and I did 26 training miles over the weekend and another 5 on Tuesday. We got up early enough on the fourth to get the mileage in while it was still cool, then spent the rest of the day doing not much. That was the first down time we have had in AGES!

Except for the mosquitoes, the evening was pleasant. We sat out on the porch and watched goldfinches and house finches go after the bird feeders. Later we watched fireworks from the lawn. Various neighbours lit off legal pyrotechnics, we sat back and watched. A nice calm evening.

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4th cancelled for me

by j.lupo In reply to How was your 4th of July?

I had to work. I was suppose to go to a friends BBQ, but I had to work. At least I was able to work at home. Unfortunately, my doggies were sick thanks to all that Thunder, Lightening, Hail, Winds, etc that we have been getting.

In fact, I had to clean my back yard because a few birds nests were disturbed and the hatchlings were all dead in my back yard. Not fun 4th. It was cancelled big time.

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not peaceful

by Colonel Panijk In reply to How was your 4th of July?

Assholes down the road setting off huge explosives at 3a.m. Wednesday morning (the day after I.D.). Whatever happened to good manners and neighborly behavior?

After the show, alot of the classic cars stuck around and cruised a bit through town, alot of smoking tire, loud barks from the tires tying to get traction, great time!

The world doesn't revolve around you! Stop and consider that a lot of people don't appreciate the noise, the smell of burning rubber, or the hazard that one of these cars may go out of control (e.g., one tire gets traction, the other hits an oil patch) and hurt an innocent bystander. Keep that **** for the track where people expect and enjoy it. I wish it were legal to shoot and kill morons who choose to impose themselves on everyone else!

(signed) grumpy old man

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Great idea!

by NickNielsen In reply to not peaceful

Let's start with grumpy old men!

No, wait, that's me too!

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by ccthompson In reply to not peaceful

I wish i wouldve seen this before. Grumpy, yea, i would say you are. For your information grandpa, the cars were on a controlled road, just for this purpose. Fenced in, people do come to watch these things. Burnout contests, drag races, its a very popular sport, look it up.

As for the world revolving around me, man, i was just telling about my forth, i didnt say everyone should go buy a classic car and kill themselves.

So take it easy gramps, i didnt mean to get your depends all in a twist.

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favorite holiday, probably even better than christmas

by crabbyabby86 In reply to How was your 4th of July?

Every year my parents, three siblings and I go and spend hundreds of dollars on fireworks, including the biggest package of artillery shells we can find. I am in fact right now wearing a t-shirt I was given years ago from my favorite fireworks retail.

This year dad also got a new propane torch with a spark trigger attached. That was fun. I'm a pretty big fan of explosions in general, especially when I get to light the fuse. This year was also particularly interesting because some people found out that I know what to do with metal sparklers and electrical tape. Mwahaha.

Let's see, I spent way too much of my paycheck on fireworks, shot bottle rockets with my sister, blew up bigger stuff with my brothers, lit a bunch of rockets and fountains for my parents big display, got rained down on by cardboard debris from our own artillery, went to my town's big display over the river, ate mom's potato salad and layered pudding dessert... I'd say we have more 4th of July traditions than Christmas traditions.

And it's totally awesome. Pretty much every year.

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Mine I will never forget

by Leon Tribe In reply to How was your 4th of July?

While here in Australia, the 4th of July is just another date on the calendar, for me it was marked by the birth of my first child. For Orlando, the new addition to the family, it truly was his day of independance.

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For the rest of your child's life

by neilb@uk In reply to Mine I will never forget

all Americans will be celebrating his birth.


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Spent the time with the 3rd Mardiv.

by X-MarCap In reply to How was your 4th of July?

My fourth was Blessed. I have made it home and need a couple more days before I go back to work but go in tomorrow...

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