HP Laptop "Scrambled" Keyboard?

By tintoman ·
My client reports that when trying to log in with her password, the keyboard does not type the correct characters in the password box, and some of the keys on the keyboard do not produce any characters at all.
I can verify this because I have already restored the computer back to it's factory condition, but when I tried to enter a user name during setup I could see that the letters I was typing were coming up completely wrong. For example when I typed "e" the character on the screen was an "a" but appeared to be more like greek style or something.
The back space key did nothing at all and the "b" key caused a return to the previous screen.
I have tried to use the on-screen keyboard through the accessibility options but the result is the same, I have also attached a usb keyboard to the laptop and again the result is exactly the same.
I read in other forums that pressing the Ctrl and Shift keys together will unscramble the keyboard but that didn't work for me.
Please note also that this is not the usual "Num Lock" or "Scroll Lock" issue, as these have all been tried.
This is a Hewlett Packard G61 laptop which is running Windows 7 Home Premium.

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Sounds as if someone has altered the Regional Settings

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP Laptop "Scrambled" Key ...

Or the Keyboard Type.

Start the system in Safe Mode log in to the Admin Account and then open the Control Panel and change the Location to your area and the language/Keyboard to US English or whatever your local area is.

It's possible that some software was loaded that changes the Keyboard to something else like Dorvork but without knowing what's been installed it's impossible to suggest a solution there though again you may be able to enter the Computer Admin Account in Safe Mode and fix whatever it is that has been screwed up.


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Reponse To Answer

by tintoman In reply to Sounds as if someone has ...

It seems that I have failed to make this clear, In my question I stated that I have restored the laptop to its factory state, however I cannot proceed past the user account creation screen as I cannot type in the user name I want, so there is no chance that anyone has tampered with settings or the the regional settings are wrong.
This also means that I cannot start the computer in safe mode because the Windows 7 installation is not yet complete.

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OK in that case try the Ultimate Boot CD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HP Laptop "Scrambled" Key ...

Available free here;1

And see if this keyboard issue still persists. You boot off the CD and it loads a OS independent of the HDD. You can use ay Boot Disc provided that it allows you to load some sort of OS.

If it still exists you have a hardware problem with the keyboard IC on the M'Board which isn't a good thing to have as it means a new M'Board.

if it works properly whatever you did to restore Windows wasn't a complete Reinstall and you'll need to run the full Install procedure.

Post back with whatever happens and we'll try to solve what has happened here.


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Solved:HP Laptop "Scrambled" Keyboard?

by tintoman In reply to HP Laptop "Scrambled" Key ...

OK guys, first of all thank for posting replies and trying to help me.
This issue is now resolved as follows:
I tried pressing several different key combinations in order to "unlock" the keyboard, eventually it was fixed by using the key combination alt gr + Shift.
When I eventually managed to get the Windows 7 installation completed I went in to the control panel > Regional and language settings, and there I could see that for some reason which to me is beyond belief, Hewlett Packard have PRE-CONFIGURED their factory image for this laptop to use this key combination to change the keyboard layout.
In 6 six years of trading as an I.T support technician I have never seen anything so ridiculous, not to mention pointless.

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HP loves this stuff

by jpdemers In reply to HP Laptop "Scrambled" Key ...

Reminds me of my old HP office desktop, with an HP monitor, which had a mysterious key combo that blacked out the display. I'd hit it by accident on occasion, and when I did, there was no recovering. I'd let the machine sit ten minutes so my autosave settings could kick in, then reboot and carry on ... until the next time (once a month, on average.)

We found no suspects among the screen saver, energy, and monitor settings. I never figured out what it was (I suspect shift-option-something), and I never found even a hint when scouring the web.

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