HP Pavilion Notebook is DEAD... Does anyone at TR have any HP contacts?

By mlittle1105 ·
Hello everyone. I'm a long-time lurker here at TR, and I've enjoyed much of what I see and read here in the forums.

It pains me that I'm making my first post under these circumstances, but I am in desperate need of some assistance. I currently own a Dell Desktop computer and an HP Pavilion dv9000 series notebook (9420us).

Earlier this evening, I had the notebook on in my living room. It was on and running when I left. When I returned, it was dead. At first, I thought it might just be in sleep mode, but I came to realize that it is COMPLETELY DEAD.

When I go to turn it on, the power light and the blue LED lights across the top of the keyboard flash for a fraction of a second, but that's the extent of it. No power up. No blue screen of death. No sounds. Nothing.

I've checked, double-checked and triple-checked all of the usual suspects and haven't made any progress. I checked to make sure that it was plugged into a power supply, removed and re-inserted battery, etc.

After two maddening hours on the phone with some fella over in India (HP Customer Support) in which we repeated most of the task I had already tried ("Sir, is the adapter plugged into the computer? Sir, is the adapter plugged into the wall outlet?" I was eventually told that I can ship the notebook back to HP and they will repair it and send it back to me within 7-10 days. Somebody is supposed to be calling me back within 12-48 hours to discuss arrangements for shipping the unit back to them.

Alas, I just don't have this time to spare. Starting this Friday, I'm going on the road for two weeks. In addition to checking email on a daily basis, much of my time is going to be spent meeting with current and prospective clients, and giving a Powerpoint presentation at a couple of dinners. The notebook was my primary resource for much of those two weeks.

I'm hoping that, no later than Monday, I can speak with someone at HP (and preferably here in the US) who can help me out. Even if it means that I have to overnight my existing notebook to them and they overnight me a new one back (meaning that I'll have to re-load all of the software and documents... a day's work in and of itself), its still better than waiting for up to 10 days for this to happen.

I'm in DESPERATE need of being put in touch with someone at HP with the authority/ability to make this happen QUICKLY. I actually have a client who went through something like this a year or so ago and, after several days, was finally put in touch with someone in Idaho (or maybe it was Iowa) who had him back up-and-running within 24 hours with a new unit (they didn't even wait for him to ship the old unit back before getting the new one out to him). I've already sent an email to that client in hopes that he could connect me to his person, but got an auto-reply stating that he's skiing until the 14th.

It has also occurred to me that I could call Geek Squad (and just eat the cost of the repairs, but I'm not sure if they deal with hardware components or just software. Not sure that I can afford what they charge, anyway. For the same reason, buying a new notebook at this time is not an option

If anyone has any contacts at HP or can offer any other assistance, please do let me know.

Thanks so much, everyone.

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Follow-up.... Forgot to Mention

by mlittle1105 In reply to HP Pavilion Notebook is D ...

The HP technical support person I spoke with had me remove and inspect some of the components from the computer using a Phillips Head screwdriver. When I did this, I was a bit alarmed to find that some of the components within those "casings" appear to have undergone a fair amount of wear and tear. For instance, some of the screw heads look as though they've really been worked over in the past. I bought this computer NEW less than a year ago (final week of June 2007) and now I'm wondering if perhaps they used some refurbished parts. Anyway, that's fodder for another discussion, but worth mentioning here.

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HP Notebook

by marzolp In reply to HP Pavilion Notebook is D ...

It is probally your AC Adapter. It explains why you are only getting a quick boost of power. I just had a notebook repair with the same problem. The AC charger was dead, thus it would not power the backup battery. You can get a universal AC adapter for about 25 dollars. Let it charge the battery for about 20 minutes and you should boot right up. Good Luck

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I agree

by tintoman In reply to HP Notebook

I wouldn't be surprised at all to find that the battery is dead because the charger has failed, and I definitely think it would be worth trying another one since you have so little time to fix this, in addition it seems to me that your machine had already been repaired before you took delivery of it, the problem you now have is that despite the fact that the Indian customer service guy told you to open the case, the warranty is almost cerainly void now because you attempted to repair it yourself.
If you are not careful you are going to lose this notebook for several weeks and then be told that you will have to pay for the repairs anyway, sorry to be so glum but such is life in the IT world.

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Its Working Now

by mlittle1105 In reply to I agree

Thanks for the feedback.

Oddly enough, I went to turn on the computer this morning and it booted up just find, as though none of last night's shenanigans never happened.

Where can I guy a new battery and/or charger? Is this the type of thing I could find at a Staples, or would I have to order direct from HP?

Lastly, while I'm happy that the notebook seems to be back to normal, I'm concerned that its going to crap out on me again before or during the trip I mentioned. Not sure whether or not I should continue to push HP customer service or not.

Thanks again.

PS: Maybe I'm naive, but would HP really tell me that the warranty is void? It was their employee that told me to open up the notebook.

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Don't trust HP as far as you can throw them

by Tig2 In reply to Its Working Now

I own the same computer. I bought it just before Vista hit the streets hoping to buy some time before I would have to switch platforms. It died 10 months later. I tried to exercise my HP warranty to no avail. They simply refused to honor it.

The issue that you are having is one with heat. Use the lappie only on a hard surface and preferably elevated from that surface to allow good air flow. I use a bakers cooling rack under my lappie and have my Mom and partner doing the same. It does help. Another alternative is to buy a Targus Ice Pad and use it. An Ice Pad blows cool air into the machine. My $2.50 bakers cooling rack is cheaper and as effective.

You would need to source a new battery and cable through HP. If you have a MicroCenter or Fry's where you live, you might be able to get one there.

Do a complete back up RIGHT NOW!!! The next time it fails, it may not come back. I have a 250GB USB hard drive that works nicely for back ups.

If you can get anything out of HP, do it. Failure is failure.

After my experience with HP, I bought a Mac. I love my Mac.

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