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Hub labels?

By gralfus ·
I have tried CD/DVD hub labels in the past, but quit because I couldn't find a way to get them on consistently straight.

Do any of you who use them have a good method?

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by Choppit In reply to Hub labels?

Have you considered using printable disks?

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Print on the hub?

by gralfus In reply to Printing

If they are printable on the hub, I might consider it. But that would mean investing in a new printer, and foregoing all the CDs I already have purchased.

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They do make

by jdclyde In reply to Print on the hub?

a printer that prints right on the CD.

Don't need a special CD that I know of.

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Yes, for the body of the CD

by gralfus In reply to They do make

The CD printers that I have seen work on the body of the CD, not the hub. The point of hub labels is that they use the typically unclaimed center ring that is usually transparent.

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Re: Hub labels

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Hub labels?

Try the CD Stomper, by Avery. I think I got it on sale at Micro Center for about $10. These are easy to use, and the result is usually within about 1/64" of dead center.

Craig Herberg

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by gralfus In reply to Re: Hub labels

I found that the diameter of the stomper spindle (the nubbin at the top) was a lot smaller than the inner diameter of the hub label, thus leading to a significant amount of slack. Maybe it is the brand of label I was using.

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Re: Stomper

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Stomper

Get the ones specifically made for it. Not only do they fit very well, they also have tear-off "handles" that make alignment fairly easy. (I don't want to curse you, by saying "can't miss":-).

Craig Herberg

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